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Snovonne – “The Child And The Bitch” is dedicated to the psychology of my life 

Interview by Andruta Ilie / Dark Art Conspiracy
“Resourceful and painfully straightforward, Snovonne is one of the few artists whose hypnotic voice can whip up a storm inside the deepest corners of your soul, only to take you from heaven to hell and back. On stage, she turns into a vintage doll escaped from an antique storage trunk to offer a complex view on the human nature. 
Who’s the child and when is the time for the bitch to show up?
Snovonne talks her latest album, “The Child And The Bitch”, the atmosphere within her band, and what is home to her, in an exclusive interview given in Tampere’s Jack the Rooster. “

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INTERVIEW: Bleed Again (UK)

INTERVIEW: Bleed Again (UK)


by Carina Lawrence/ Dark Art conspiracy

Brighton metallers Bleed Again are ones to watch and have had an exciting and busy year so far, so I caught up with vocalist James Dawson to talk about all the major milestones for the band recently, such as signing to American label Sliptrick Records, releasing their debut album ‘Momentum’ (which was mastered by Acle Kahney of TesseracT), recent tours and their massive album launch show with Brutality Will Prevail and Raging Speedhorn and more, as well as looking at what lies ahead for this fresh upcoming modern metal act.


Firstly how did you arrive at the band name Bleed Again?

We wanted something that represented bring back the past, reliving the bad times and learning from them. The funnier answer is after shortlisting a few, we then would check MySpace ( Old Skool ) to see if any of the name had been used. Until this day, I think we are the only band called Bleed Again.


You recently released your debut album ‘Momentum’ through Sliptrick records, how exciting was it to finally release your anticipated debut?

Very, Very exciting. Me and Simon wrote the first song for momentum in August 2015. We had the whole thing finished by April 2016 and filmed the music video for ‘Walk Through The Fire’ that month, so for it to take another 13 months to be released was frustrating, but very exciting once it finally came out in May of this year. So much was going on behind the scenes i.e the label interest, and we had to take our time to make sure we were making the right decisions.


You signed with Sliptrick records earlier this year, what has the experience been like so far?

Really good. What we found with Sliptrick is that they were experienced and focused. We had a pretty strong idea of how we wanted to push the band further and they were open to any discussions about the finer points of the contract so it became and kind of win win for us and them. Everything they said they would do, they have done. We can’t ask for more than that.


What was it like working with Acle Kahney of TesseracT who mixed and mastered the album and how did you end up working with him?

It was great. Our drummer Russell has his own studio which we have always used to record, and he is constantly finding out who is doing what when it comes to Mixing and Mastering. Russell is a big Tesseract fan and was aware the Acle Mixes/Masters most of their records and they always sound incredible. We contacted him and he was happy to take part. He was so open with us and was always happy to help, perhaps beyond his professional responsibility’s. We were quite fussy when it came to the mixes and as soon as he knew what we were after he really went to town on the songs. He even added bits to make the songs on the album fit better together and I really feel his personal stamp is on the record and we couldn’t be happier about the final outcome.


Can you tell us a bit about the main themes and influences that run through the album?

The main theme on this album is to look after yourself. Anything that ever gets in your way of achieving goals in life, needs to be dealt with personally. I’m fortunate to have a wonderful family, a wife and so many friends around me. However when the shit really hits the fan, it’s only you that can get you out of that situation. It’s about believing in yourself, and trusting your decisions. Another thought I always had, and will always have, is that we should use our experiences in life to help others. Whether that will be friends, family, loved ones or your own children. There are some political points on the album also. Everything I have said has been about a specific point in my life, and I’ve tried to turn that into something more accessible for the listener, with an overall positive vibe.


What was the writing and recording process like for your debut?

Stressful. I can’t thank Russell enough for the time and effort he put into this record. He spent 5-6 evenings a week after working full time, making sure this was something we were going to be proud of. Every member of this band stepped up their game compared to previous EP releases. I took a step back on this album compared to our old CD’s. I used to be there for every single part of it and really stick my nose in. With Momentum, we all wrote this album. Rather than always be at the studio telling everyone what I thought sounded better, I just looked forward to hearing rough mixes and listening to everyone’s personal stamp on each song. It gave me so much more inspiration when it came to vocals, to know that I was putting words on top of songs that each member was already really happy with.


You have just finished touring with Death Remains, how was it for you?

Incredible. We have done three tours now and several weekenders, and I feel blessed that all of them have been with such nice people. Death Remains are an incredible band, fact. Their new album Destroy/Rebuild is insane. We have never done nine shows in a row before and it was a massive learning experience for me as far as keeping my voice strong. It took lots of water, lemon tea Vocalzone etc but I got there. I remember a few years ago talking to a friend of mine and asking how he managed to do a 45 minute set and sound as good at the end as he did at the start. He just said practice and care. For a good 18 months I have really been trying to look after my voice and when we finished this tour, i just realized I did nine shows in a row and held out. I got a long way to go but I’m happy with my progress. Some of the shows on this tour were quiet, and some of the shows were surprisingly busy, so all in all it was a fantastic time with great people, and more importantly we got to play our new songs to new people.


On May 6th you had your big album launch show hosted by Mammothfest UK with Brutality Will Prevail, Raging Speedhorn and more, how did it go and what was it like playing alongside them?

It was definitely one to remember. The bands we had on the top of the bill are serious bands, they know their shit. It was a brand new venue to us and I don’t think we felt as comfortable as we have at some other places in Brighton, but when the lights changed and we saw 300 odd people watching us and our local fans going crazy down the front, we felt right at home. The whole day was an amazing atmosphere, so many friendly faces all getting along with each other. There was so many Bleed Again T-shirts and Hoodies I was really quite humbled, and I won’t ever forget that day.


You are heading out on your own headline tour in July, how excited are you for this?

Really excited. It’s nice to know that when you have finished one tour, you have another round the corner. Were lucky enough to have As Flames Rise with us and were sure it’s going to be a fun five days. We’re playing brand new venues to us so that gives us a chance to make some new fans.


You also have some festival appearances coming up, including playing the new and first Amplified Festival UK in July, how does it feel to be playing at the first event and who else are you looking forward to sharing the stage with?

This is a show I have been looking forward to ever since we got booked. Our first outdoor festival on the second stage is amazing. I get to see Puddle Of Mudd for the first time which should be cool. I remember playing their album on repeat whilst trying to complete Driver on PS1.


You are then appearing at Mammothfest UK again in October on the main stage, how does this make you feel to be local favourites and to be regulars at the festival, and what can attending festival goers expect from your set?

Mammothfest is huge in Brighton. If you’re into Metal and live within 20 miles, you’ll likely be there. We had the most incredible response last year. People literally lost their minds during parts of our set and we really felt we had made a name for ourselves in Brighton after that show. To be main stage this year is an absolute privilege. We will have some much more room on stage, and the crowd will have so much more room for partying with us. They can expect epic singalongs, circle pits and walls of death, ya know… all the fun stuff.


Since starting out you have supported the likes of Soil, Darkest Hour and Devil Sold His Soul, what was this like for you and who else would you like to support in the future?

Supporting Soil was likely the highlight of my music career to date. I went to my first gig at The Concorde 2 in Brighton when I was 16 and saw Amen. From that point I knew I had to play that stage, and many years on I got to look out at 300 plus people at 7.15 on a Tuesday night and realise that is where I felt most at home. Meeting these bands and seeing them all back stage is a pleasure. You realise that they are all regular people, and more often than not, very polite and complimentary of your music. It naturally makes you up your game, almost reach your potential. I like the pressure and thrive of the bigger crowds. The goal for supporting would be someone like Killswitch Engage in the UK or anywhere haha. They have influenced me so much and are such normal dudes that I think the entire experience would be incredible.


What else is in store for Bleed Again in 2017?

We have two more music videos on the way, and possibly another tour towards the end of the year. Apart from that its gig gig gig and get this album out to as many people as possible so that when album two comes around we may really be able to take flight towards some amazing experiences.




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ICED EARTH – interview with Malcolm Dome on new album “Incorruptible”

Legendary music journalist Malcolm Dome has done an in-depth interview with ICED EARTH’s mastermind Jon Schaffer during his stay in London, giving you a personal insight into the band’s current status and the making of the brand new album “Incorruptible”.
Watch the full 28-minutes interview here:

ICED EARTH’s new studio album “Incorruptible” is out now!

Below you can check out the four previously released single tracks:
“Clear The Way (December 13th, 1862)”
Youtube (lyric video):
“Great Heathen Army”
Youtube (lyric video):
“Raven Wing”
Youtube (lyric video):
“Seven Headed Whore”
Youtube (lyric video):

ICED EARTH line-up:
Jon Schaffer – Rhythm, Lead, and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards/MIDI, Vocals
Stu Block – Lead Vocals
Brent Smedley – Drums, Percussion
Luke Appleton – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Jake Dreyer – Lead Guitar

Summer festival appearances 2017
23.06.2017 (DE) SAARWELLINGEN / Saarmageddon Festival
24.06.2017 (ES) MADRID / Download Festival
07.07.2017 (DE) Rock Harz, Ballenstedt
08.07.2017 (IT) TERNI / Burning Ruins Metal Festival
13.07.2017 (LU) ESCH/ALZETTE / Rockfabrik
14.07.2017 (DE) NEUKIRCHEN-VLUYN / Dong Open Air
24.07.2017 (SI) TOLMIN / Metaldays
04.08.2017 (DE) GEISELWIND / Music & Bike Weekend
12.08.2017 (BE) KORTRIJK / Alcatraz Festival

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INTERVIEW: Steve ‘N’ Seagulls (Finland)

INTERVIEW: Steve ‘N’ Seagulls (Finland)                                                                                             by Carina Lawrence

So I had the pleasure of interviewing Wild Till Hiltunen (plays accordion, kantele, mandolin, keys, flute) from Finnish band Steve ‘n’ Seagulls, who rose to fame in 2014, through their popular bluegrass cover versions of well-known rock and metal songs they posted on Youtube. Their most popular video of AC/DCs ‘Thunderstruck’ has received over 35 million views. I caught up with him whilst they are on their most ambitious ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’ UK tour about to play in Exeter (30th March) to find out about how the tour is going so far, about their origins as a band, their successes so far, as well as their future plans…

So you are currently on your ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’ UK tour, how is it going so far?

It’s been very good. We have enjoyed a lot…I think it’s our fourth time in the UK, so there’s a couple of places we have been to before, so yeah it’s been good.

What has the crowd reactions been like this time around, as you are playing in parts of the UK you have never ventured before?

I think it’s more about the night…we played on Monday night (March 27th 2017) in Stoke-On-Trent and the audience seemed to be very quiet for some songs. But still it’s always about the night, weekends are more crazy. It’s not really about the location.

How does it compare so far with your previous experiences in the UK?

It’s been better this time somehow I don’t know why. Last time I had like lasagne with beans and potatoes, haven’t tried that (laughs) weird combination, but in general it’s like we have got used to touring with the van, so we got the routine, no surprises but not in a bad way. It’s always fun to see more people and see that things are going well and we have got a good label here as well, Spinefarm (records) and we just played at their studio yesterday (29th March 2017) we recorded three songs for the radio and some promotion like now…it’s been good and developing nicely. We have just been running outside here in Exeter and enjoying the beautiful capital.

Can you tell us a bit about the formation of the band?

We started like five maybe six years ago in Jyväskylä, Finland where we all used to study there and we were meant to a country tour for our booking agents and somehow it just felt like it’s want we wanted to do and it started developing, and at some point we changed our singer to Remmel with us now and maybe it’s that time we started to go towards bluegrass, we had like a banjo, mandolin and stuff like that, so it’s been changing a lot from the beginning and I’m not sure where we are going…we are actually talking about the third album already and planning it and trying to find good songs and writing new materials, so let’s see what happens. Pretty excited about that

What inspired you to learn so many instruments and what was this process like?

Just because it’s fun to just try a new instrument even if you don’t know how to play them, because you spend hours and hours with the instrument and maybe get something out of it, it’s just a lot of fun to mix those in our music. The elements like the banjo and double bass and accordion, then like take something out of the books. Last album we had like Finnish traditional instruments like the kantele (five string) and a playing saw, which is basically a saw you used for cutting trees and you play that with the bow, like you play violin or cello, very creepy sound. Also the balalaika was one of the tricky ones.


Why is the band named after actor Steven Seagal? How did this come about?

Yeah it’s sort of a pun, but we like his movies though. That was actually my girlfriend who came up with that idea. We had like a bunch of good names but that just sounded like us. People keep asking who is Steve? There is no Steve in our band, it could be misleading but it just suits us.

Did you ever think when you first formed in 2011 that you would go on to become Youtube sensations?

The first video we did was just to give some material for our booking agent and also we noticed that on Youtube there was sort of a trend going round with live videos, people did like real live videos outside and outdoors where you can hear like background noise like traffic. We kind of took that guide line to take one camera and one mic in one take…so we put it on Youtube and suddenly something happened with the metal online magazines, they just started writing about us and it spread out, that was with ‘The Trooper’ by Iron Maiden that video and after that we did ‘Thunderstruck’ (AC/DC) and we expected it would spread quite well, but five million views in a couple of weeks was way more than we expected. We were really like what the hell?! After that like two months after the ‘Thunderstruck’ release we got a recording label contract and everything and then it’s been like we have been touring mostly abroad, so we have been very happy with the Youtube videos.
What has it been like to achieve such success with mass video viewings, two acclaimed albums under your belt and being able to tour around the world?

Now it seems like we are after a break (laughs) and we are going to have a break in May and then we will start doing the festivals in June, July and August in Europe mostly, but it’s exciting travelling all over the country. I think we did maybe twenty five countries last year, so a lot of airports, a lot of packing stuff, not complaining! May is also time to go towards the third album and planning that, so we are not entirely having a vacation.


What made you decide as a band to play bluegrass cover versions of some of the biggest rock and metal songs going?

We started with more like spaghetti western like movie music influenced…I don’t know we just tried different instruments, like I used to play guitar and had been for many years and at some point I just tried banjo, and it kind of sounded funny and good. But there was no particular plan, it just happened, we don’t plan that much.

What is your favourite song you have covered so far and why?

That is tough. I think from the last album we did Gary Moore’s ‘Over The Hills And Far Away’ that had a kind of black metal vibe, I liked that. We don’t play that a lot live for some reason, I don’t know if it’s to do with the lyrics but still it’s so fun to play.

How do you decide what songs you are going to cover?

For the third album we have a bunch of stuff. We make a list and come up with the idea of arrangement or some melody that could be played with accordion or banjo and how would it sound. So we make a list and then we sit down and start playing and kind of stay open minded and abandon songs that aren’t good enough to make it on the record…we sit all together and decide what to keep.

Have you started to work on any new material yet? If so, can you give us any insights into this?

I think it’s very early to say…to reveal anything but I would say we are looking forward to get some new originals, but it’s depending on our producer and everything how it comes out. There will be some heavy metal classics, but we can also try something else…what it is I don’t know (laughs).

What else do Steve ‘N’ Seagulls have planned for the rest of 2017?

We just finished our third US tour in February and we are waiting for the numbers and everything and would like to go back in September after the festivals, but that is not set yet. What is sure, is that we are going to Europe in October, November and December, so a lot of touring and rehearsals for the next album, so it’s going to be a very busy year.


Steve ‘n’ Seagulls are coming to the end of their UK tour but have two dates left:

31 MAR – Birmingham, O2 Academy 2 (Current)

01 APR – London, Tufnell Park Dome (Current)

So if you are in the area make sure to head down and catch the band in action!

Full tour listing:


24 MAR – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

25 MAR – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

26 MAR – Newcastle, Think Tank?

27 MAR – Stoke, Sugarmill

28 MAR – Bristol, Fleece

30 MAR – Exeter, Phoenix

31 MAR – Birmingham, O2 Academy 2 (Current)

01 APR – London, Tufnell Park Dome (Current)


Official Websites:




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Interview: Heaven’s Guardian

Interview: Heaven’s Guardian (Brazil)

Interview by Sam / Dark Art Conspiracy


I had a pleasure to interview  Heaven’s Guardian’s guitarist Ericsson Marin and Keyboard player Everton Marin about their third full-lenght album “Signs” and  about what they have plans for the future.  

“Signs”  will be released by Megahard Records, 27th , January 2017.


1. Hello. First of all, please tell us about the history of your band and its members. Only thing I know is that you are described as a Heavy Metal band From Brazil.

Guitar Player: Ericsson Marin

Heaven’s Guardian appeared in 1997 in the Brazilian Midwest, starting a promising career characterized by the strength of its music and the talent of its members. With the proposal to carry a song with much energy to any part of the planet, the band prepared the first phonographic work titled “Roll of Thunder” (1999). The acceptance of the audience was immediate, making songs like Neverland and the title track, main references to the style of the band.


After that, there was a strong interest of various record labels in hiring the group. The band then signed with the Brazilian label Megahard Records, which released their first album called “Strava” (2001), produced by James Castro. International musical critics made reference to the melodic and heavy compositions of the band, and hits like Fighters, Freedom, Hope were sung by huge choirs in great live presentations. These performances were responsible for putting Heaven’s Guardian on the same stage as great icons of Heavy Metal, such as Saxon (England), Blind Guardian (Germany), Sepultura (Brazil), thus increasing the legion of fans who always accompanied them.

In 2004, the group launches the one that came to be the most elaborate and pretentious work, the album D.O.L.L. With the production of renowned Paulo Anhaia, it was inevitable that great publications would honorably criticize the work. All of them projected the name and music of Heaven’s Guardian to international levels. The album D.O.L.L. was distributed in several countries, including in Japan, where Burrnn Magazine classified it as indispensable for the rock fans, assigning a 9.0 score out of 10 rating. When completed 10 years of career, the band released the DVD and CD “X Years on the Road-
Live at Gyn Arena”. This work gave to the audience a great interpretation of their major songs, recorded in a live performance with 4,000 fans in a night of total inspiration.

In 2008, Heaven’s Guardian restructured its line up with the departure of the singer Carlos Zema and the arrival of the singer Mario Linhares (Dark Avenger, Harllequin). Mario Linhares stayed with the group until 2011, when Heaven’s Guardian ended this chapter with a brilliant performance together with the north-american band MegaDeth.

In 2013, the band went through deep changes again. This time, its line up was completely reformulated. The singers Flavio Mendez and Olivia Bayer, forming a strong and cohesive duo. The piannist Everton Marin was also integrated into the cast as a keyboard player, contributing to the maturing of the songs. In May of 2015 the band then went to São Paulo to join the famous producer Marcello Pompeu, Latin American Grammy for best rock album in 2010. Pompeu understood the new proposal and produced with great mastery the album ”Signs”, that is surprising the audience. The new sound is heavier, but without losing the melodic essence of the band. Signs was released on the Brazilian market in February 2016 by Megahard Records and and will be distributed by Pure Steel records worldwide.

2. The new album “Signs” comes out through megahard records on January 27th. 2017 and Encyclopedia Metallum says that it’s released through Megahard Records already on November 2015. Is this a second press ? Sorry I’m bit confused.

Keyboard Player: Everton Marin

In fact the album Signs was recorded in São Paulo in 2015 but the final press was in early 2016. The CD was only in the stores in February 2016. After a few months of promotion made by the band and also by our Brazilian Label Megahard Records we received a Proposal for album promotion in Europe by Pure Steel Records in Germany.So, the CD will be available throughout Europe and the USA on January 27th, being distributed by Pure Steel Records.


3. How did you get in contact with this label and how would you describe the support they have given you so far?

Guitar Player: Ericsson Marin

Everything just happened after the release of the first work of the band in 1999. Megahard Records contacted us and demonstrated interest in release our second our. This was done in 2001, when band released the album ”Strava”. In this area, trust in fundamental, and we believe in this partnership.

4. You are coming from Brasil. How is the life of Heavy Metal artists in Brazil nowadays?

Keyboard Player: Everton Marin

BRAZIL is a very rich country musically. We have marvelous bands that have already conquered the world like Sepultura and Angra. Great bands always pass by and even record live shows because they admire Brazilian fans. Increasingly we have bands that are very prepared and represent the country in a great way.

5. How would you describe your style than only Heavy Metal? I hear powerful and symphonic elements on your album (Signs) and hear it more as Symphonic Metal.

Keyboard Player: Everton Marin

The band has been included in the power metal style, but we do not include ourselves only in this style but also in others. Various elements of symphonic metal, melodic metal, traditional heavy metal, progessive and even thrash metal riffs with some more agressive vocals. We did a mix of several elements in order to create something original.

6. Is there any particular bands influenced your music? On song called Fantasy some male vocal parts sounding like Devin Townsend meets Marco Hietala (Nightwish) to me, in a good way.

Keyboard Player: Everton Marin

The band always tried to make a song with its own characteristics, trying to make the listeners see something innovative. But of course some bands have always been influences for us, such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Dream Theater, Accept, Stratovarius, Angra.

7. Could you tell us about the lyrics / themes /concepts you focus on or plan to focus on? How did the all ideas come about, and how do they influence the writing process?

Keyboard Player: Everton Marin

The whole cd was very well programmed and studied. The disc concept is based on the dualities of life where every aspect can be directed towards the good way or the bad way. All letters have this same goal and shows that each person can make their personal choice using these elements for his own way. The artwork shows the Guardian taking care of the 10 elements through the symbols that represent them.

8. Do you remember your first show with the HEAVEN’S GUARDIAN and what was it like?

Guitar Player. Ericsson Marin

Definetly. It was a festival in a small high school in Goiania City, Brazil. Many bands played that night. Our set list included some covers of famous songs like ” From Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica)” and ”Wasting Love (Iron Maiden). However, the other 5 songs in that night was already part of our own compositions, demonstrating that Heaven’s Guardian was coming to stay.

9. Let everyone know what the band has planned for the future.

Keyboard Player: Everton Marin

For this year 2017, the band has audacious plans. A tour in Europe in July passing through countries where the band was very well accepted and also the recording of the second dvd of the band that will be Heaven’s Guardian with a Symphonic Orchestra.

10. Anything else you think you want to add and your fans should know?

Keyboard Player: Everton Marin

We encourage our fans to join our social networks and get to know the band’s work. Signs is the fourth album of the band and will now be released in Europe on January 27th by Pure Steel Records.

Official Pages:






1. Religion

2. Time

3. Strength

4. Journey

5. Fantasy

6. Dream

7. Change

8. Passage

9. War

10. Silence

Total Playing Time: 57:12 min

1. Roll of Thunder (Demo, 1999)
2. Strava (2001)
3. D.O.L.L. (2007)
4. X Years on the Road (DVD, 2007)
5. Signs (2015)
Olivia Bayer – vocals (female) Flávio Mendez – vocals Luiz Maurício – guitars Ericsson Marin – guitars Everton Marin – keyboards Murilo Ramos – bass Arthur Albuquerque – drums


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unnamed (2)


1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

The band was formed in 2012 by Conrad Viz (Guitar/Vocals) Started as a 3 piece with Jeff Clark (Bass) and Norm Rodriguez (Drums). In 2013 added a 2nd Guitarist Danny Blaze. Final line up change took place in 2014 when we added a New Drummer, New Lead vocalist and New 2nd Guitarist and turned into a 5 piece band. All members were previously in other bands before joining Ancient Spell. Current members are: Donnie Marhefka (Lead Vox) Conrad Viz (Guitar/ Vox) Jeff Clark (Bass) Robert Thompson (Drums) and Dan Rado (Guitar)

2. What made you guys decide to form a band?

Conrad Viz decided to form Ancient Spell as a new project in 2012 after leaving his previous band.

3. How would you describe your style?

Heavy Doom Death Metal

Which bands influenced your music?

Black Sabbath – Death – Black Label Society – Trouble – Pantera – St Vitus – slayer – Corrosion of Conformity

4. The new album “Forever in Hell” came out on Minotauro Records on September 18 , how did you get in contact with this label and how would you describe the support they have given you so far?

Found out about Minotauro Records through previous band member Danny Blaze. Contacted Glenn Wrigley. They have given us worldwide distribution and heavy promotion.

5. How did you guys came up with your band name?

Conrad Viz came up with name. It is his interpretation of Death. The thought that Death is the oldest Spell in the history of mankind. A spell we can not break.
We all have to die. We are under that Spell The Ancient Spell

6. Could you tell us about the lyrics / themes /concepts you focus on or plan to focus on? How did the all ideas come about, and how do they influence the writing process?

Lyrics mainly taken from the concept of the band name. Mostly written by Conrad Viz. So the themes are mainly about Death, Dying and the Doom we live because of Death. Other members are now contributing to writing lyrics and are expanding concepts a bit more. But staying in the whole Doom genre.

7. Do you remember your first show and what was it like?

With the new lineup… AMAZING!!!!  Energy was intense!!!  Played to a packed house at the world famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California.

8. Do you have any amusing stories from when you recorded your album or when you where on the road?

Not really. Just had the best time ever doing what we love to do. Creating music, recording music, and playing it live for our fans!!!

9. Tell me a little about the releases you have and where they are available for purchase?

1st self titled album recorded in 2012 independent release in 2013, now out of print, but can still be bought as digital download on iTunes and CDBaby.com.
2nd album  Forever in Hell recorded in 2015 release on Minotauro Records Sept 8th 2015 can be bought directly from Minotauro Records page and also iTunes, CDbaby.com.

10. Let everyone know what the band has planned for the future.

We are planning to do another small U.S. tour and maybe Europe in support of “Forever in Hell” Album. Also planning on writing new material in 2016 for our next album we may be releasing in 2017.

11. Where can we listen to your band and where people can buy your stuff?

Listen on  www.facebook.com/ancientspellband  and  www.reverbnation.com/ancientspell

Best places to buy at: http://www.minotaurorecords.com/#!ancient-spell/c243p and  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ancientspell2

12. Anything else you think you want to add and your fans should know?

We love all our fans! We call them our Ancient Spell Doom Warriors!!!! ASDW! We thank them for all their Love and Support!!! And we hope you spread the word about Ancient Spell music so we can grow the Warriors!!! Doom on!!! \m/unnamed (1)