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Ekaterina (GE) | Reviewer | Photographer | News | ekaterina@darkartconspiracy.com

Carina Lawrence (UK) |  News| Reviews | Interviews | carina@darkartconspiracy.com

Serena S. (US/FIN) | Photographer | Interviews | serena@darkartconspiracy.com

Andruta Ilie (RO/FIN) | Interviewer | Photographer| andruta@darkartconspiracy.com

Raquel M.  (ES) | Photographer | SoMe Manager|darkartconspiracy005@gmail.com

Pedram Ghadiri (IR) | Photographer |pedram.ghadiri.n@gmail.com

Amir Kharrazi (IR) | Photographer |avalon_darkness@yahoo.com

Brian Armstrong  (US) | Reviews | Progressive Metal | brianarmstrong1@gmail.com

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Dark Art Conspiracy is looking for some very creative & talented news writers to volunteer their efforts for the cause of promoting the music we all love.

Please contact with us  darkartconspiracy@gmail.com 

if you are:

  • Album Reviewer
  • News Writer (News, Articles)
  • Interviewer
  • Photographer (Live Shows)
  • Videographer
  • Something else that you’re doing great?