1.Please introduce yourself and tell us who you sing for.

Zachariah here. Vocals for Kratornas.

2.What / Who made you want to sing?

What made me want to “sing” were the lyrics. To channel and preserve that “hatred” on a soundwave (ie: music?) and relay it to the listener.

3.Who was the first singer you saw live that gave you chills?

No gigs (of any kind) happening in that barren wasteland where I used to live.

4.Many people say heavy music is just screaming, How would you combat that statement?

It’s all screaming and there’s nothing to combat here. Metalheads shouldn’t bother arguing with fools. It’s a hatefilled genre (created by individualists) spreading the Message of Death and Negativity. If these many people want to hear nice vocals with uplifting vibes then they should have steer clear of this so-called “Heavy Music” in the first place.

5.If you growl or do harsh vocals how do you keep your voice after such violent performances?

We don’t play live so it isn’t of a problem to me. Most of the vocals that I did (during recording) were done on a single take (not all but most). It’s being screamed to its maximum but only at THAT moment so no harm done.

6. Do you have a warm up routine? Tell us about it ?

I don’t even warm up when I “lift”. There’s no way I’m warming up doing an hours of just screaming. I read the lyrics first, visualize it then put it on record.

7. Do you think power or performance is more important?

Power means command. Performance is for clowns jumping and running around the stage to entertain people. I prefer watching those who just deliberately standing there cold, throwing a blood bucket full of salmonella and make that night a filth to remember.

8. Who do you think gets unfair vocal praise, someone the world thinks is great but is not? / And who is great but does not get the credit?

Blackie Lawless. He’s been dissed a lot because of him “not being a nice person” but no doubt a great vocalist.

9.Name your top 5 vocalist

1. Qourthon

2. Darren Travis

3. Lemmy

4. Blackie Lawless

5. Wildness Perversion

10.Micheal Buble or Jim Gallette? Just testing your skills here

No idea who are those…

11.Who do you love to listen to that would surprise people?.

Diamanda Galas.

12.If you could remove the autotune from any singer who would it be?

No idea why would someone use an autotune if their only intention is to spit hate! The uglier and uncomfortable the voices are – the better!





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