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TOUNDRA Release third single/video from their upcoming new album, ‘Das Cabinet Der Dr. Caligari’

Toundra - SergioAlbert 04

TOUNDRA, are immersed in the preparation for their new adventurous album, ‘Das Cabinet Der Dr. Caligari’, in which they have composed a breath-taking original soundtrack (out on February 28th) via InsideOut Music.

They have released a new single and video, available in all platforms that can be watched here: https://youtu.be/cETC15mA3wQ

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KAMERA OBSCURA Release New Video ‘Maniac’


KAMERA OBSCURA is melting the rage of Metal (guitar, bass, drums, clean vocals/harsh vocals) with the atmosphere of original soundtracks (vintage synth sounds, samples) in a world inspired by the masters of genre cinema, from Ted Browning to John Carpenter, Russ Meyer, Dario Argento, George Miller and Kenneth Anger. Remarked while they were opening for Nekrogoblkon and Porn, the band just recorded a 10-track album due for January 2018.

They have just unleashed a new music video for ‘Maniac’, which is the first single taken from the upcoming album titled ‘The Final Cut’. Check out the video below!

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ACID WITCH stream forthcoming HELLS HEADBANGERS album at “Decibel” magazine’s website

Today, the ever-singular Acid Witch stream the entirety of their massively anticipated third album, Evil Sound Screamers, at Decibel magazine’s website. The album is seeing digital release today, on Halloween, via Hells Headbangers; the CD and vinyl LP formats shall be released by Hells Headbangers in the new year. Hear Acid Witch‘s Evil Sound Screamers in entirety exclusively HERE.

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The Celestial Sun Posts Teaser “Genesis”

According to mysterious press release we have something to look forward what comes to Occult Rock and Metal scene.
“The earth is silent…for the creator rests in his horizon” declares The Celestial Sun on their official sites.
What we know about them? Not much!
Only that “The Celestial Sun” is a new theatrical occult rock act and that the sun worshipping occultists has entered the studio to begin recording the yet untitled full-lenght  debut album and the band has now posted a new mystical video trailer online called “Genesis”, which can be viewed below.

Video refers to bible (genesis 3:19) which gives us some idea what’s coming out there. (maybe? )
The Celestial Sun logo has created by the legend itself! Lord of the logos Christophe Szpajdel!
More info will follow soon. In the meantime, check out the mysterious teaser “Genesis”  and
also check out more information about these occultists at

Carach Angren unleash monstrous video of “Charles Francis Coghlan”

CARACH ANGREN are premiering a stunning new video for the track “Charles Francis Coghlan” taken from their new album, ‘Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten’, which is hitting the stores today, 16th of June.

The horror clip of of cinematic quality is now streaming via the Season of Mist YouTube channel and may be freely spread at and from the link below.

CARACH ANGREN comment: “After months of incredible hard work, we are extremely proud to present our official horror video for ‘Charles Francis Coghlan’. Together with director Rick Jacops, we have relentlessly pushed all creative limits to transport the viewer into another terrifying dimension. Everything you see is real and produced as well as co-directed by us. Prepare to be obsessed and possessed!”

Video Credits
Produced by Carach Angren & Backstage Film Productions
Directed by Rick Jacops & Carach Angren
Actress: Amber Delahaye
Sound Design by Clemens Wijers Music Productions & Backstage Film Productions
Team: Brendan Gijzen, Stefan Wijers, Julien Wijers
Special thanks: Paul Kops, Ria Hendriks, Transportbedrijf Chris Wijers, Het Leukermeer, Merith Rooden

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Carach Angren release viciously animated video of third new track

CARACH ANGREN are premiering the third amazing track of their forthcoming new album, ‘Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten’ in the shape of a stunning animated video with lyrics, which has been created by renowned Romanian artist, Costin Chioreanu.

The Dutch masters of horror metal will release ‘Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten’ on  June 16th.

The animated video for the song “Blood Queen” is now streaming via the Season of Mist video channel and may be freely spread at the link below.

CARACH ANGREN comment: “We are extremely proud to present you the horror that is ‘Blood Queen’. This cruel and sad tale surrounding her fate that we have brought alive in an intense musical is now wrenching your gut through the incredibly imagery created by Costin Chioreanu. He has given our dark vision a more than fitting frame. This clip is more than just another ‘lyric video’ but an artistic merger of song and image. We are proud that our work of passion also led to Costin really outdoing himself once again.”

On further news, CARACH ANGREN have just been nominated in the “newcomer” category of the prestigious German Metal Hammer Awards for the 2017 edition. The ceremony will take place at the Kesselhaus in Berlin, Germany on September 15th.

More information can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/mkme8mj

unnamed (4).jpg

1. Opening (2:17)
2. Charlie (4:10)
3. Blood Queen (4:55)
4. Charles Francis Coghlan (6:07)
5. Song for the Dead (4:16)
6. In De Naam Van De Duivel (6:29)
7. Pitch Black Box (3:17)
8. The Possession Process (4:27)
9. Three Times Thunder Strikes (5:19)

Total playing time: 41:16

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