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FEED THE RHINO Release Album Version of ‘Featherweight’ & Announce Pre-sale For 2018 UK Tour

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UK’s FEED THE RHINO celebrate the start of the pre-sale for the band’s forthcoming new album “The Silence”, which will be released via Century Media Records on 16 February 2018, with a special treat for their dedicated fans. The band comments:

“For our fans old and new, the song ‘Featherweight’ was an exciting experience, not only writing, but also filming a few years ago – yet it remained unreleased up until today! So, in celebration to the release of our new album “The Silence” in February, we have decided to give away the album version of ‘Featherweight’ as a free download with every digital pre-order and separate single for streaming fun! Be sure to check out the 360 video!”

You can watching the stunning 360 video here:

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REVIEW: The Psycho Season – These Paths Lead Us Where We Started From


by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

The Psycho Season from Finland are back with their latest album ‘These Paths Lead Us Where We Started From’ which has glimpses of grunge, metal and classic melodic rock, making for an interesting a dark mix.

Opening song ‘Ghosts’ is resonant, crushing and hefty. The melodic striking riffs and guitar work throughout see the album off to a good start…

New single ‘No Exit’ again features more melodic guitars and dark instrumentation with powerful vocals which highlight why it is a leading track from the album. Whilst songs such as ‘More And More’ features some particular sinister moments and high impact instrumentation.

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INTERVIEW: Death Blooms (UK)


by Carina Lawrence/ Dark Art Conspiracy

Death Blooms are a melodic hardcore metal act hailing from Liverpool/Manchester, UK who unleashed their debut self-titled EP earlier this year which received high praise from metalheads and press alike. They are a band to keep an eye on and who have been busy releasing new music videos in support of the EP and have recently just finished touring with Insane Clown Posse and Mushroomhead. I caught up with them to discuss the exciting year they have had since their debut release and what lies ahead for the future. and it seems like we will be seeing more of Death Blooms in 2018…

Firstly can you tell us a bit about how Death Blooms came to be?

Myself and Ad had just finished our last bands and we had a chat about getting back to our roots and doing something heavy again. Ad had already been demoing a bit, but when we got together, we decided to start from scratch.

How did you come up with your name?

We did the usual thing of going through a lot of pretty awful names until we had a brainstorming session – I eventually suggested Death Blooms and we were all like “yep, that’s the one”.

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MEGAHERZ Unveil Initial Details of New Album

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MEGAHERZ are back, with full force and sweeping passion! They are digging deeper on their brand new studio album “Komet” than ever before!

MEGAHERZ went straight up and rocked the boat with their latest releases “Zombieland” (2014, Napalm Records) and EP “Erdwärts” (2015, Napalm Records).

Now is the time for the next big MEGAHERZ step into completely new spheres! With their upcoming studio album “Komet” they deliver a perfectly blended mosaic of metal, rock, gothic and sensitive and heavy weighted sensible lyrics.

The soul of “Komet” is clearly tangible: “Uncompromising and emotional.” Hard, musically as well as lyrically. “On the other hand also incredibly touching,” nods Lex satisfied about the opening to more depth, to change in his own cosmos. The genre term Neue Deutsche Härte has shaken off MEGAHERZ over the years.

Today the very first details of “Komet” have been unveiled: album artwork, release date, track listing and available formats. Pre-orders are available now!

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KAMERA OBSCURA Release New Video ‘Maniac’


KAMERA OBSCURA is melting the rage of Metal (guitar, bass, drums, clean vocals/harsh vocals) with the atmosphere of original soundtracks (vintage synth sounds, samples) in a world inspired by the masters of genre cinema, from Ted Browning to John Carpenter, Russ Meyer, Dario Argento, George Miller and Kenneth Anger. Remarked while they were opening for Nekrogoblkon and Porn, the band just recorded a 10-track album due for January 2018.

They have just unleashed a new music video for ‘Maniac’, which is the first single taken from the upcoming album titled ‘The Final Cut’. Check out the video below!

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EXIT EDEN Release Live Video Of Pop Evergreen “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”

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Can’t get enough of EXIT EDEN’s fascinating live performances? So can’t we!

Watch “Total Eclipse Of The Heart“, originally by Bonnie Tyler, live performed by Amanda Somerville, Clémentine Delauney, Marina La Torraca, and Anna Brunner at Hamburg Metal Dayz HERE

EXIT EDEN are living proof that almost every classic song can be transformed into a solid metal-rock song and that their powerful e-guitar driven versions work exceptionally great live on stage!

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