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Tribulation – 28.11.2019 in Helsinki, Finland

Tribulation opened for Ghost at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland on November 28, 2019. We caught up with them for an interview  (link at the end of report) and saw their show! Here’s what happened….

Tribulation entered the stage in a cloud of green smoke.  They began with their strongest (in my opinion) song of their latest album “Nightbound”. Right after that, one of their best songs all around, “Melancholia” and continued on with a mix of songs from their last two albums Down Below and The Children of the Night. The backdrop hung mid-stage to give them a smaller area to perform on, which worked best, seeing as they were quite spread out as it was. Johannes (Vocals,bass) kept his place mid stage most of the show, occasionally wandering back to Oscar (drums), while Jonathan and Adam took over the rest of the stage. Its interesting to compare their individual stage presence over the years. While Adam and Johannes have seemed to become more cool and refined, Jonathan has become more eccentric and theatrical. However, it could also be the setting, festival gigs versus this bigger arena tour. Either way, the mix of visuals like lighting, smoke and their backdrop and side banners complimented the four piece, their stage presence and music perfectly. Another addition to these aspects was the signature incense they use in their gigs. It really adds to the experience of watching them and listening to them play live. I was able to smell it well up front in the photo pit but once I went to my seat it was completely lost in the arena. It was a very noticeable absence too, at least for me. It was also interesting to experience things like Johannes’s interaction with the audience from up close and then far away. All of the guys for that matter. Watching him talk to the audience from the seats seemed kind of bleak. At that time, there weren’t many people in the arena, so it was a bit disheartening to see such a powerful and striking performance being consumed by so much empty space. I really wished they had gone on second. I, personally think they fit better and had a much more unique and impacting performance than All Them Witches who felt, to me, like any generic groove/stoner rock band from the States. But Tribulation was my main interest that night anyway, so I am biased. If it were up to me, they would have been the headlining act!

The Lament
The World
Cries from the Underworld
The Motherhood of God
Strange Gateways Beckon
Across the Universe




Photos, report and interview by Serena Solomon

TRIBULATION Win Swedish Grammis Award; “Melancholia” EP Now Available Plus They Are Kicking Off EU Tour Soon

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TRIBULATION, one of Century Media Records’ most promising acts, took home the Swedish Grammis Award in the category “Best Hard Rock / Metal Album” of the year with their most recent studio effort “Down Below”.

Make sure to catch TRIBULATION live on their co-headliner tour with Gaahls Wyrd, alongside supporting acts Uada and Idle Hands:

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PHOTO REPORT: Tuska 2018 – Day 1

PHOTO REPORT: TUSKA – Day 1 29.6.2017  Helsinki, Finland

Baest, Gloomy Grim, Crowbar, Tribulation, Turmion Kätilöt, Moonsorrow, Leprous, Arch Enemy, Meshuggah, and Body Count

After parties:

Whispered, Bloodred Hourglass Stereo Terror DJs

Photography by Serena Solomon





















After Party at Virgin Oil





After-after party at On The Rocks



TRIBULATION Release New Track and Video ‘The World’ + Kick Off EU Tour With Arch Enemy


TRIBULATION are releasing a third track of their eagerly awaited new studio album “Down Below” (to be released on 26 January) today.

TRIBULATION checked in with the following comment: “Today, we are announcing our third and last single before the release of the new album. It is called ‘The World’. Once again, filmmaker Robert Piel has created a visual interpretation which you can watch here below. Enjoy!”

Check out the epic song ‘The World’ (in a visualizer clip) here: https://youtu.be/pweOHScWCPo

Previously launched singles off the upcoming album can be checked out here:
‘The Lament’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvJQGOFltSk
‘Lady Death’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUFUp771jpY

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TRIBULATION – new video and single for “Lady Death” released, new album “Down Below” on pre-order now

Lady Death”, a brand new track taken from TRIBULATION’s upcoming studio album “Down Below”, has been launched today.
Check out the video here:

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TRIBULATION – working on new album, line up change, live updates!

With the release of “The Children Of The Night” in April 2015, Sweden’s TRIBULATION have made a massive impact on the worldwide metal scene. After excessive touring in North America and Europe TRIBULATION took a well-deserved break not only to recover from the intense album campaign, but also to focus on what lies ahead: A change of drummer and a new album!

TRIBULATION recently published the following statement about the departure of drummer Jakob Ljungberg, who had been with the group since the album “The Formulas Of Death”: “As the summer in the year of their lord 2017 draws near and the world in the north is again fully starting to wake from its slumber we, on the other hand, are forced to face an inevitable end in the departure of our drummer Jakob Ljungberg who has decided to leave the band. We have spent the last five years together through pain to heaven, in chaos to bliss! It’s been such a strange, wonderful, tiring and inspiring time and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this time the most important in the history of the band. We surely couldn’t have done it without you. We were like brothers even before the time of Tribulation and we certainly will be in the time after! Make sure to check out Jakob’s unique and most excellent band Second Sun (https://www.facebook.com/Secondsunswe/) where he sings and plays guitar!”

Jakob Ljungberg also commented as follows: “It is with a heavy heart that I leave Tribulation. These last years have been among the best in my life, but they wore me out and now I have to continue life on different paths. Thanks to everyone involved – you made this journey spectacular, thanks to everyone that came up and said hi – it meant the world to me, thanks to everyone who believed in me – you made me believe in myself. Jonathan, Adam and Johannes: I love you. “The end of nights we tried to die – this is the end.””

But as every end is also a new beginning, TRIBULATION have already secured a new drummer in Oscar Leander and have further good news to spread: “After this period of silence, renewal and contemplation the time has now come to give you the new Tribulation! We have now fully immersed ourselves in the making of a new album that will be recorded at summer’s end. We are very pleased to announce that Oscar Leander (previously in Deathstars) is our new drummer. He will make his first appearance with us on Muskelrock now on Thursday, June 1st! Are you ready? We are!”

So stay alert for TRIBULATION’s new studio album which is planned to be released early 2018.

TH 01.06.2017 Alvesta (Sweden) – Muskelrock Festival
FR 16.06.2017 Dessel (Belgium) – Graspop Metal Meeting
FR 07.07.2017 Idrætsvej (Denmark) – Metal Magic Festival
FR 25.08.2017 Siegen (Germany) – Jomsviking Open Air
TH 28.09.2017 Hultsfred (Sweden) – Mörkaste Småland Festzival
SA 07.10.2017 Hoogeveen (The Netherlands) – Graveland Festival

* Please note that TRIBULATION’s previously announced appearance at Germany’s Bang Your Head festival has unfortunately been cancelled for 2017!

TRIBULATION line-up (from left to right in the above picture)
Adam Zaars – guitars
Johannes Andersson – vocals, bass
Oscar Leander – drums
Jonathan Hultén – guitars

TRIBULATION discography
The Ascending Dead (demo) (2005)
Putrid Rebirth (EP) (2006)
The Horror (album) (2009)
The Formulas Of Death (album) (2013)
The Death & Rebirth Of… (EP) (2015)
The Children Of The Night (album) (2015)
Waiting For The Death Blow (EP) (2015)
Melancholia (EP) (2016)


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