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INTERVIEW – TRIBULATION: “The world of myth and magic is a deep and vast place that you can draw inspiration from.”

Interview with Johannes Andersson by Carina Lawrence

The Swedish Grammy Award-winning metal quartet Tribulation are back with their highly anticipated fifth album ‘Where The Gloom Becomes Sound’ which is released January 29th 2021 via Century Media Records. We talked to vocalist and bassist Johannes Andersson about the new album, the band’s origins, recent line-up changes and the future, however uncertain it is due to covid-19. ‘Where The Gloom Becomes Sound’ is their more diverse and atmospheric release yet drawing inspiration yet again form all things dark and mythical…

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Brutal Assault 25 Bands update

Hey all, there is some new bands update for upcomming Brutal Assault (Aug 10-14th 2021) if things go well.

We can expect thrash metal legend predecessor of Machine Head. Jep, Phil Demmel with the VIO-LENCE. They should also have some new material during the festival. British ONSLAUGHT also introduce their newest stuf. Other announced band is going to be REVOCATION.

Little bit of death metal now. From mighty metal Finland there are going to be shows of INSOMNIUM or MORS PRINCIPIUM EST. USA will deliver us faster BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, RIVERS OF NIHIL or wacky NEKROGOBLIKON with their green imp. UNDERGANG is another legend for the event. Their old school, rotten death metal is the top notch classic. PHLEBOTOMIZED will represent combo of death and doom.

Melancholical side of doom metal will be represented by German AHAB. More experimental approach could be expected from French REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER. Britain will be represented by WINTERFYLLETH with their emotinal additives of black and folk melodies.

People who wanna have a little rest from serious stuff might be happy for RED FANG or JOHN GARCIA AND THE BAND OF GOLD.

Brutal Assault is open also for other experiments. DIE KRUPPS are the pioneers of industrial and electro rock. We will witness Norwegian MANES. Local scene cannot miss as well and now with the Czech EBM legend VANESSA.

Unfortunatelly, some bands are also cancelled. These are BIRDS IN ROW, KMFDM, KVERLERTAK, SVARTISDAUDI, VADER, WORMROT.

Brutal Assault will be five day event and consists of 150 interprets. there are confirmation of 2/3 bands right now.




Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom, Bodom After midnigh) has PASSED AWAY

Sad news to report today. According to finnish news Iltalehti today , the guitarist Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom , Warmen & Bodom After Midnight) has passed away.

A message released from rest of the Children Of Bodom this morning reads as follows:

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2020 has been a devastating year due to the covid 19 pandemic with basically no live gigs taking place but luckily there were no shortages of awesome rock/metal albums this year such as AC/DC, Paradise Lost, Deftones, Ozzy Osbourne, Oceans Of Slumber, Katatonia, Trivium, Enslaved, Bury Tomorrow, Testament, Vader, Nightwish, Marilyn Manson, Ensiferum, Dark Tranquillity and many more! 2021 is still looking uncertain due to the pandemic for at least the early part of the year but there are plenty of rock/metal releases to look forward to in the new year ahead to help get us through. Read on to find some that we are particularly excited for…



TOP 5 Holiday Music by Cammie Gilbert, Sylvaine, Vermilia, Mizuho Lin, Danielle Evans

Music is a special thing, as it most often relaxes and helps you cope with everyday life. A certain song makes the memories come back and you remember the moment you heard it for the first time. It makes you travel far away, live in the moment, think about the future,
It gives energy, this year more with jogging than with gigs.

This year has been particularly exceptional in many ways,
but the holidays remain and people spend them differently.
Often certain songs belong to certain moments and different styles of music make people relax in different ways.

We contacted five artists to ask about their top 5 recommendations for holiday music.
What kind of music is included in their holidays or what they have liked to listen to lately.

It’s also great to always find new music. That moment, that feeling when you find something new where you get shivers.

If you haven’t heard our featured artists yet, I recommend you to check out their versatile taste of music, but also the art they create, because you might find something new for your holidays.

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Interview By Carina Lawrence

Ana Argan List was formed early 2020 as a solo project by Edvin Johansson before known as a founder of the black metal band Orngòth. Edvin has now departed the band to fully focus his attentions on his new solo venture. The upcoming self-titled four-track EP is due for release November 1st via Ground Media Group. We caught up with Edvin to find out all about his new project ahead of the debut EP release…