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Video Nasties rise again with new single ‘Draw The Shades’

Following the release of their debut album ‘Dominion’ on APF Records last year,  Video Nasties are back with another slab of moral-panic inducing heaviness – the addiction inspired single ‘Draw The Shades’

With ‘Dominion’ selling out on vinyl, APF Records are repressing the album for release on 7th May. Limited to only 300 copies (150 Flaxen Lust / 150 Suspirium Pink), the reissue will include ‘Draw The Shades’ on a 70s retro style Flexi-disc. Bassist Rick Owen comments,‘We’re extremely excited about Draw The Shades. It’s our first single since the release of Dominion and we feel it picks up right where They Rise left off so it makes a perfect companion piece for the repress of the album. We decided to go down the same path with recording it ourselves, to make sure we really nailed the early 90s sound that we felt we captured so well with Dominion. At its crux, the song is about addiction. Whether that is blood, drugs or love… There is a need that has to be sated. ‘

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Indica Blues share new video for ‘Scarred for Life’

As the world reels from a deadly pandemic and the U.S veers towards civil war, 13,890 nuclear weapons lie dormant. Indica Blues’ imagine a catastrophic very-near-future scenario in which current world events lead to all-out war and nuclear annihilation: We Are Doomed. 

Indica Blues (in-deh-ka) are a four-piece psychedelic doom band from Oxford, U.K. Once described as ‘bong filling rock that is platinum heavy, but blessed with a melodic sensibility underneath it all,’ the band’s unique sound has garnered fans across the world since their formation in 2014. They have gigged with stoner rock luminaries such as Elder, Samsara Blues Experiment and Mars Red Sky.

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Barbarian Hermit share new sludge-doom epic, ‘Through The Periscope of the Deadly Sub’ Taken From RE-issue Of Debut Album ‘ONE’

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Barbarian Hermit released their most recent album ‘Solitude and Savagery’ in 2018 on APF Records. Playing a heady mix of downtuned, fuzz-laden guitars they kicked out some of the raunchiest riffs in rock over elephantine grooves, the band created a sound that is as irresistibly catchy as it is crushingly heavy. 

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INTERVIEW: Possessor

Interview By Carina Lawrence

Possessor are a horror metal themed trio from London, UK and they have recently unleashed their latest album titled ‘Damn The Light’ on October 30th 2020 via APF Records. A lot is going on in this monstrously heavy album with many different rock and metal elements that merge to form an interesting and hard-hitting sound that is exciting and riddled with horror film references. Guitarist/vocalist Graham Bywater describes their sound as “South London based bastard love child of Sam Raimi and Ingrid Pitt” – intrigued?! Read on to find out all about them, the new album and the challenges of releasing music during the coronavirus lockdown/pandemic.

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Hopped up on horror and forged in the fires of hell comes the raging new LP from the 3-headed proto-metal beast that is Possessor: DAMN THE LIGHT just in time for Halloween!

With ripping amps about to blow, a barrage of overdriven bass attack and pile-driver drums from beyond the grave, this mausoleum of riffs and madness will take your soul and wake the dead. 44 minutes of horror drenched metal, nine tales of mayhem and one vulgar ritualistic interlude await those brave enough to enter this twisted realm between life and death. Will you survive or will you succumb to The Strangeness?