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European heart, Prague, was exposed to some legendary squads from Scandinavia and closer Germany.  

Norwegian (black) metal squad has shown Prague very nice concert  while introducing their last album Eonian released this year. Also, we could hear some their older hit songs as Dimmu Borgir or Progenies of The Great Apocalypse. Dimmu’s show was closed by their mighty  Mourning Palace from Enthrone Darkness Triumphant.

After Dimmu Borgir, German thrash metal legends played their set with some projection behind themselves and also in the front during the intro. The music was still thrash metal but full of pretty modern sound. To me, it seemed they had more fans in the hall than Norwegians before. Maybe the alcohol in between bands during  the pause has helped in this matter a little.  

Concert went well and sound was very good. Some fans complained about the sound quality, but I was pleased. There was only small hickup in the entrance regarding some formal stuff, but thankfully it was resolved…

Thanks to the bands for nice performance they have delivered, Nuclear Blast, Pragokoncert Bohemia and staff for making this concert possible and pretty much smooth.

Forum Karlín, Prague, Dec 9th 2018

Photography by Pavel Kovalančík

Death Metal From Norway! ART OF DECEPTION: Official Music Video for “Dark Psychosis” Released!

Norwegian melodic death metallers ART OF DECEPTION will release their forthcoming album ‘Path of Trees’, on June 22nd, via Rob Mules Records. The band has unleashed an official music video for the song “Dark Psychosis”, watch it here:

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IMMORTAL Return With the Title Track to the Album “NORTHERN CHAOS GODS”

Immortal releasing their first album “Northern Chaos Gods” without  Abbath on July 6th, 2018 via Nuclear Blast.

Immortal and Abbath parted  their ways in 2015 after a legal battle over the band name. Abbath run for solo career and rest, Demonaz and Horgh stayed in Immortal and now we have a chance to listen first song “Northern Chaos Gods” from the upcoming album.


ABBATH embark on Tour in Eastern Europe and Russia

Following a snowy show at the spectacular Full Metal Mountain Festival in the Austrian Alps tomorrow, ABBATH will kick off their rampage through Eastern Europe and Russia. The Norwegian stalwarts have furthermore added more festival appearances on their roster for this summer. A list of all currently confirmed dates including festivals can be viewed below.

unnamed (1).jpg

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SATYRICON Premiere Brand New Video For “To your brethren in the dark”!

With the recent release of their ninth studio album, ‘Deep calleth upon Deep‘, black metal groundbreakers SATYRICON have proven they still lead the way in extreme music. Today they unveil a brand new video for the track ‘To your brethren in the dark‘.

Speaking about the new video, frontman and band visionary, Satyr tells us, “I wanted ‘To your brethren in the dark’ to be a director’s interpretation of the song, rather than a band performance type of thing. Seeing what we do through the eyes of another artist is always interesting to me and just like the song, the video has become a little bit of a journey on it’s own. ‘To your brethren in the dark’ is definitely one of the flagship songs on the record. It is about emotion, our nature, the spirits, the autumn, the sombre and rainy days, those who we lost and the ones who we have not met yet. You could say it is a tribute to the sorrow in man and to the drama of the nature we surround ourselves with. A song for the dark towers of the past and those who will rise in the future. Pass the torch to your brethren in the dark.Continue reading SATYRICON Premiere Brand New Video For “To your brethren in the dark”!