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POWERFLO Release New EP “Bring that Shit Back” & Kick Off UK/EU Tour With Download Festival 9th June

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Hip-hop/metal all-star group POWERFLO have returned with their brand new EP “Bring that Shit Back”, which is out via all digital retailers now.

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering in California and released on New Damage Records, the 8-track EP features a cover of Bob Marley’s 1973 classic ‘Get Up Stand Up’ and a brand new title track plus remixes of their first and most recent single, ‘Where I Stay’ and ‘The Grind’, from their debut. Full track list below:

  1. Get Up Stand Up (Bob Marley cover)
  2. Bring that Shit Back
  3. Where I Stay (DLOW Remix)
  4. Where I Stay (HALLUCINATOR Remix)
  5. Where I Stay (VIGILANTE Remix)
  6. The Grind (NIVEAU ZERO Remix)
  7. The Grind (BIG BROTHER 84 Remix)
  8. The Grind (VIRAL Remix)
The EP can be purchased at smarturl.it/BringThatShitBack

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Today, Florida-based artist Snovonne has released a new music video “Bullsh?t” .

Taken from Snovonne’s third studio album “The Child and The Bitch”, “Bullsh?t” is the fourth music video to emerge from her latest project. Stepping outside the lines of her typically dark and creepy elegance, the playful new video pulsates with vibrant color and cartoon-ish texture. Snovonne sports a white onsie and a bunny hat, going through what could only be described as multiple stages of anger and/or anger management.

Never lacking any irony – after smudging your pink screen with paint and expressing her temper holding a pocket-sized chihuahua, Sno moves on to raise her sledgehammer to a large stuffed carrot.

 Watch the video for “Bullsh?t” below:

Speaking about the video, Snovonne said: “It’s a caricature of anger. Naturally, I wanted to visualize what the song represents. A state of mind that’s past anger – when you just want to stand on your head and laugh maniacally, otherwise you’ll explode. There’s not much logic left at that point… being a decent human being got you nowhere, so you lose respect and feel like ridiculing everything, including yourself, because that’s at least fun. People ‘dangling carrots’ in my face is something I despise with a passion, so carrots had to make a cameo, one way or another. Bunnies, sledgehammers, chihuahuas – I figured it would make a great psychadelic cocktail. I’m a big fan of 90’s music videos – the saturated and un-clean, and ‘Bullsh?t” gave me the opportunity to push in a different direction than usual. Mainly, I wanted to have fun. The people I wrote this song about take their egos way too seriously.”  Continue reading “CARICATURE OF ANGER” – SNOVONNE Releases New Video “BULLSH?T”

Blacklite District Goes Viral With “Cold As Ice” Music Videos!


Spearfish, SD based electronic alternative rock act Blacklite District (BLD) has released two Official Music Videos for their single, “Cold As Ice,” off of their third LP, Instant Gratification. The original video, released on February 24, 2017 and posted by famed radio DJ Lou Brutus the same day, scored 350,000 streams in its first week and later accrued several million since. The second video, featuring imagery from the hit video game Minecraft, has garnered an additional +15 million views since its release on August 23.

Check out the first video for ‘Cold As Ice’ below!

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STAIRS OF LIFE Reflect On ‘The Man In A Glass’ via Sliptrick Records

Out November 3rd via Sliptrick records

The Man In A Glass EP is the result of the band’s need to express our artistic sensitivity and musical ideas. It draws inspiration from all kinds of rock, ranging from progressive all the way to alternative rock.

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Italian FALL HAS COME sign to Sliptrick Records

Fall Has Come are an alternative rock band from Italy formed in late 2014 by Enrico Bellotta (vocals, bass), Raffaele Giacobbone (guitar) and Enrico Pascarella (guitar). In 2015, they have recorded their debut album, Time To Reborn, that garnered excellent feedback in Europe. The band contain many rock elements within their sound and take inspiration from their own personal issues and life experiences. Their lyrics are about the feelings of the human soul: passions, dreams, love, hopes, illusions…!

Having signed with Sliptrick Records, Fall Has Come are working on a new album titled Nowhere due for release in the Autumn.

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