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October 19, 2022 was a night of otherworldly music at Olympia in Tampere, Finland. Jonathan Hultén (formerly of Tribulation) opened the night with a highly anticipated show. His music and live performance is truly a work of art, and it is easy to believe his artistic abilities span many mediums. “Dark Folk” would be the most generic way to describe his music, though it is hard to label as there are so many unique elements. Hearing the music live was completely different on its own, almost as if just listening to the album was not meant to be the full experience. The sound, accompanied by Hultén‘s presence, aesthetic and stage decor made for an inimitable performance. There was a constant stream of nature/bird sounds in the background between songs that gave off a sense I had never experienced at a club gig, playing tricks with the mind as to where exactly you were standing. Hultén‘s presence was typically quite stoic, almost meditative, which enhanced his every movement and facial expression, giving them so much more meaning and power. At times it felt he was performing his own personal ritual. My only complaint was that it was too short! I could stand there and watch for hours more.

Hällas continued the night with quite a special performance in a very different way. They quite authentically give off a 70’s prog rock vibe. They have nailed everything from the sound to the shiny space boots. It truly felt like a shift in space and time to experienced their music live. Although it is easy to see where they get their inspiration, they do it justice!

photos and review by Serena Solomon


TRIBULATION Announce Line Up Change

Tribulation comment:

After 16 years of creative, expressive, artistic and spiritual exchange and co-operation Jonathan has decided to leave the band to pursue whatever else life has in store for him in the future.

We know that whatever he decides to do in the future he will do it in the same wholehearted, immersive and meticulous way that he has tackled all the trials and tribulations that are Tribulation, and we truly wish him the best of luck in those endeavours.

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Tribulation’s Jonathan Hultén releases his new single “Wasteland” / Debut solo album released 13th March (Kscope)

Jonathan Hultén promo

JONATHAN HULTÉN, the darkly enigmatic Swedish Grammy-winning songwriter has premiered the second single, “Wasteland”, from his debut solo album Chants From Another Place, due for release on Kscope on 13th March.

Following on from the release of his first single “The Mountain”, Hultén explains the song’s theme Wasteland” is a way for me to put music to those vast stretches of barren landscape that exist in our hearts, the ones we have to cross during times of trials and tribulations. We don’t have any other choice but to walk those miles by ourselves in the night, until we eventually might start catching glimpses of a new dawn behind the horizon.”

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