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Norwegian multi-instrumentalist SYLVAINE Stream ‘Mørklagt’

Norwegian multi-instrumentalist SYLVAINE deals with the extreme range of emotions this human existence has to offer, as a result of being in constant conflict with oneself and struggling to adapt to this place we call our own. The project serves as an emotional catharsis for the artist, revealing the eternal longing for something more residing within its melodies, capturing the feeling of being trapped and restraint by the human form.

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MIDNATTSOL Unveil First Details Of Upcoming Album with Liv Kristine

In December 2017, it was announced that Liv Kristine joined MIDNATTSOL as their official second singer – right next to her very talented sister Carmen Elise Espenæs

The name „Espenæs“ rightfully makes people swoon: Liv Kristine and Carmen Elise were a vital part of a magnitude of gothic / symphonic / folk metal milestones – but so far a supergroup involving both sisters sharing microphone duties was only the stuff dreams were made of. This truly is full sister power!
Now the band has unveiled the first details of their upcoming album entitled “The Aftermath”.  This includes the first teaser, release date, album artwork, track listing and available formats!
“The Aftermath” relies much more heavily on folk influences lending atmospheric density to the melancholic symphonic metal compositions. It is a sumptuous and sensual affair and a shimmering highlight in the discography of this German / Norwegian team!
Carmen states:
“Today is the day!! Many of you have asked where to get our new CD. Go to this link and be the first to order ‘The Aftermath’. Thank you for the overwhelming support!!”
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FOR MY DEMONS Posts “Reborn” Lyric Video

The Dark rock metal band FOR MY DEMONS have released the Lyric video for the song “Reborn”, taken from the album “Close to the Shade”:

“Close to the Shade” available on https://player.believe.fr/v2/3614974375827


JINJER – Set to Release Reissue Of Second Album „Cloud Factory“!


JINJER are widely known in the Metal scene and are mixing up everything with their fresh sound, killer live performances and energizing voice of their supreme singer Tatiana. Following the release of their Napalm Records debut King Of Everything and numerous festivals and club shows, the Ukraine based band just got home from their very first and super intense UK headlining tour run.

And of course, there is “No rest for the wicked”, as JINJER will be heavily touring around Europe with the mighty ARCH ENEMY for the second leg of their tour in February 2018.

But for now – let’s get an exclusive look at their upcoming release of their game changing second studio album Cloud Factory – originally released back in 2014. Now it’s time for a Reissue with full sound, huge guitars, more boom and two exclusive live tracks!

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FORGOTTEN TOMB share track by track breakdown of new album

Italian black/doom metallers FORGOTTEN TOMB give a track by track breakdown of their upcoming studio album, “We Owe You Nothing”, due for release next week, October 27thin Europe and November 10th in North America via Agonia Records. Singer/guitarist Ferdinando “HM” M. explains the musical concept behind each of six songs on the album, and shares their snippets. The breakdown is available at:

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REVIEW: Cyclocosmia – “Immure EP”

Cyclocosmia – “Immure EP”

Review by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy


Cyclocosmia is a progressive doom metal project from London, UK comprised of Aliki Katriou (vocals) and multi-talented James Scott (songwriter/producer) who plays all the instruments throughout. The duo also collaborate with guest musicians all over the world. Their debut album ‘Deadwood’ received critical acclaim and now they are looking to equally impress with their latest offering, new EP, ‘Immured’. The EP has a concept and doesn’t follow the norm, as you are meant to listen to it as a continuous 17 minute song, rather than individual tracks. It follows the story of a Roman Vestal Virgin who is condemned to live burial for breaking her vows. The bleak story certainly helps feed their impressive and unique symphonic doom…

Immured Part I’ opens on an ethereal, alluring yet alarming note, simply setting the scene for what lies ahead…’Part II’ kicks right off in symphonic glory with beautiful and dark clean vocals from Aliki Katriou, with savage screams in contrast from James Scott, but the balance is just right, and the results are both shocking and stunning.
Part III is on the angelic side initially before the heavy guitars accompany and showcase some solid and resonant tones, giving the song a lot of depth. The vocal variations offer even more diversity and give it a slightly deranged sound in the greatest sense. There is a lot going on here but it still manages to remain coherent and float seamlessly along in harmony. It is a very captivating and immersive sound that will surely lure you in…

The final chapter in this dark story, ‘IV’ starts with an eerie and delightful acoustic guitar section which complements Aliki’s high pitched and sorrowful vocals perfectly. James displays his impressive guitar capabilities further, amongst the epic drawn out doom symphonies with demonic growls laced throughout. It is cleverly structured and layered, making it a must hear. It offers tranquillity and angst all in one offering, something which the EP displays wonderfully throughout its dark emotional and thought provoking endeavour.

Score: 4/5

 Label:  self-released
 Release Date:  January 27th, 2017
 Genre:  symphonic/doom metal
 Country:  UK



1. Immured Part I
2. Immured Part II
4. Immured Part III
5. Immured Part IV
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