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SARCOFAGUS – 1977 – 2020

The END 1977 – 2020 The First Finnish Heavy Metal Band – SARCOFAGUS – calls it a day!

SARCOFAGUS, The Godfathers of Finnish Heavy Metal, fronted by filmmaker and guitarist Kimmo Kuusniemi, declares the band has returned to the Valley Of The Kings.

Kimmo Kuusniemi: “Sarcofagus has been great balance of fun and pain. My albums have always had social commentary as many of my films have. I had come to the conclusions on the CORE VALUES re-release video long before the Covid19 pandemic arrived, that I am fed up with writing songs about social problems. Technology is progressing with ever increasing speed but us as humans we seem to be doomed to repeat our mistakes.

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Brutal Assault 2020 info 6

Another legendary band confirmed. Legend among the legend in heavy music. Fathers of extreme metal who exist more than fourty years now. With their frontman King Diamond they changed musical world and inspired so many musicians of heavy metal and also black metal as a part of its first wave.

After about twenty years of their last concert activities MERCYFUL FATE returns with spectacular unholy show. Another clasicc dream came true!

BLADE KILLER Premieres New Song ‘Midnight Sinner’

The up-and-coming traditional metal quintet BLADE KILLER – recently hailed by their hometown LA Weekly as Los Angeles’ “best new old-school metal band” – has unveiled a second track from their highly anticipated full-length debut, “High Risk,”due out Nov. 23 via M-Theory Audio. A visualizer video for the song “Midnight Sinner” can be seen below.

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HUNTRESS singer Jill Janus Passed Away

HUNTRESS singer Jill Janus ( Sep 2nd, 1975 – Aug 14th, 2018) commit suicide.

“Jill Janus—frontwoman for the California heavy metal band Huntress—passed away on Tuesday, August 14. A long-time sufferer of mental illness, she took her own life outside of Portland, Oregon. Janus spoke publicly about these challenges in hopes of guiding others to address and overcome their mental illness.”

Our thoughts & prayers are with family & friends.

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GHOST Teases New Music. Announcing the reistatement of all three Papas!

Ghost revealed their new frontman Cardinal Copia earlier in april in a series of video clips. Right after that the band posted first single “Rats” with the video.

GHOST have released a New video announcing the reinstatement of all three Papas.

Papa Emeritus I, II & III are dead and the embalmed bodies to be displayed during 2018 tour.  

The new message from the clergy announcing the reinstatement of all three Papas in a video which  also includes new music from Ghost’s upcoming album Prequelle.


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CANDLEMASS Premiere Video for New EP ‘HOUSE OF DOOM’ Out on MAY 25th!

unnamed (1).jpg

[Photo by Linda Åkerberg]

The Swedish pioneers of timeless slowness are back in top form, distilling the essence of epic doom metal!

It only takes a few short bars of the title track House Of Doom to feel that familiar sensation again: yes, Leif Edling aka the undisputed king of minor key songwriting has returned. With him, he brings frenzied riffing, melancholy made sound and warm Hammond organ tapestries that form the pillars of every CANDLEMASS classic!

Watch the video for titel track of the new EP right HERE!

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