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INSOMNIUM Announce UK Tour in 2020

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Finnish melodic death metal masters INSOMNIUM are excited to announce to also come to the UK and Ireland on their massive tour starting October 25th, 2019. To celebrate the release of their new opus “Heart Like A Grave” they will be playing a few selected shows in Finland, before starting the European part of “TOUR LIKE A GRAVE”. All tour dates are listed below.
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INSOMNIUM Release ‘Pale Morning Star’ Video

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Less than a  week to go, before Finnish melodic death metal masters INSOMNIUM finally release their new album “Heart Like A Grave”. To shorten the waiting time you can now listen to “Pale Morning Star”, which comes with a lyric video, perfectly capturing the stunning impressions of the beauty of Finnish nature and melancholic atmosphere. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/rJ89F9xoG08

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INSOMNIUM release single and video to “HEART LIKE A GRAVE”

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With the second single Finnish melodic death metal masters INSOMNIUM are releasing the title track of their new masterpiece “HEART LIKE A GRAVE”, out October 4th, 2019. Watch the stunning video, filmed in the beautiful Finnish landscape of Koli national park, here: https://youtu.be/Xy5KAHD2uak

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INSOMNIUM currently in the studio to record new album

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Finland’s foremost melodic deathsters INSOMNIUM have begun recording their 8thstudio album, as drums are being nailed at SF Studio with engineer Kimmo Perkkiö. Afterwards the work shall continue at Teemu Aalto Music Productions in Kotka. Jens Bogren will do the mix at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

“Again when the days grew darker and the nights became colder, our path led into the dark. We checked-in to our traditional forest cabin-hq in the southern Finland for a new material rehearsal camp and (un)reality-check. We came out with 10’ish songs full of that good ol’ Finnish melancholy, sorrow & misery and now it’s time to wrap it all on tape for you peeps to hear ’em. Cannot wait to start the studio process and let the creative processes go up-and-down again!” comments guitarist Markus Vanhala.

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INTERVIEW: Insomnium (Finland)


by Carina Lawrence/ Dark Art Conspiracy

I caught up with guitarist Ville Friman of popular melodic death metal band Insomnium from Finland to discuss the band’s origins, their latest album ‘Winter’s Gate’ and if we can expect a new album soon and about their future plans and upcoming tour in March amongst other things…

Firstly can you tell us about how you arrived at the name
Just by coincidence really. We had a list of cool sounding words Niilo
had collected and Insomnium was something that popped out from that list.

How did you come to form Insomnium which first began back in 1997?
Well, we grew up in quite small city where you didn’t have that much to do. So basically, out of boredom. Then again, the early nineties were a great time for metal music. Lots of great albums were released and new substyles were forged. We were heavily inspired what happened in the USA and Scandinavia and wanted to be part of this scene.

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TRIBULATION Release New Track and Video ‘The World’ + Kick Off EU Tour With Arch Enemy


TRIBULATION are releasing a third track of their eagerly awaited new studio album “Down Below” (to be released on 26 January) today.

TRIBULATION checked in with the following comment: “Today, we are announcing our third and last single before the release of the new album. It is called ‘The World’. Once again, filmmaker Robert Piel has created a visual interpretation which you can watch here below. Enjoy!”

Check out the epic song ‘The World’ (in a visualizer clip) here: https://youtu.be/pweOHScWCPo

Previously launched singles off the upcoming album can be checked out here:
‘The Lament’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvJQGOFltSk
‘Lady Death’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUFUp771jpY

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