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New EP release from KARMIA

“TUHKA” EP is the second release from the Finnish rock band KARMIA after changing their lyrics from English to Finnish. In the early 2010’s while forming the band they took influences from the Japanese Visual Kei scene, but have recently shifted closer towards their melancholic Finnish roots.

Before the recent language change KARMIA warmed up shows for a few Visual Kei artist’s visiting Finland, performed at Anime conventions and released a bunch of self-financed songs and videos in English and even in Japanese. After releasing a single called “Mistakes” combining English and Finnish lyrics together in one song, their native one started to feel more appealing. “After a long search we feel we have found our own style. Welcome to the world of KARMIA, where you can always see the dark at the end of the tunnel”, comments the band’s lead guitarist ANA.


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Nicumo to release sophomore album in July, first single out now!

Since 2009 rolled melancholic metal act Nicumo are about to release their second full length album. Album is titled “Storms Arise” and it will be out on 7.7.2017 through Inverse Records. The first single “Death, Let Go” can be heard on Spotify:

“Storms Arise” follows band’s well reviewed debut “The End of Silence” (2013, Inverse Records) and takes a step towards even more versatile scales of music and emotions. The album contains eleven tracks with unexpected rhythmic elements which will make your head banging, while the melancholic melodies forces you to rise your fist up in the air and cry. Versatile soundscapes mesmerize the listener and takes a hold until the last note. “Storms Arise” strengthens Nicumo’s position on northern metal scene, and gives it a timeless masterpiece to keep the scene alive.

“Storms Arise” was recorded and mixed at Joshua Music -studios during 2016 by Olli Tainio from Lucky Punk Productions, who has worked as an mixing, recording and an assistant engineer in various projects such as Callisto, SAKIA and his own band Blind Architect. Mastered by Svante Forsbäck (e.g. Amorphis, Volbeat, Apocalyptica, Rammstein). The cover arts designed by Hannu Karppinen.

The band also released a touching music video from the single “Death, Let Go” and it is available here:


unnamed (6).jpgTrack list:
01. The Dawn
02. Old World Burning
03. Beyond Horizon
04. Unholy War
05. Death, Let Go
06. Guilt
07. Poltergeist
08. If This Is Your God, I Don’t Need One
09. Sirens
10. Aiolos
11. Dream Too Real

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REVIEW: Emptybrook – Self titled EP

REVIEW: Emptybrook – Self titled EP                                                                                              by Carina lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy


Emptybrook are a sludge metal act from Finland who formed in 2015. They are inspired by Finnish low budget movies from the 1970’s and 80’s and the short summers in their home country. They inject an organic and raw sound into their sound and showcase this in their debut self-titled EP…

Opener ‘Repeat’ pulls you in with bouncy groovy tuneful riffs, accompanied by crashing drums, and belligerent vocals that are short and make a high impact. This is a hard hitting and surprisingly melodic introduction to the band…

The brilliant comically titled, ‘The Grand King Of Fuckery’ is heavy as hell, with its stomping sludge sounds offering a complimentary backdrop to the evil harsh vocals – this will surely have you head banging and will be a great extreme live anthem.

‘A Song For The End Of Days’ features drawn out sinister guitars, and sounds like something serious is going down. This is the most beastly song so far with vocalist, Ollijuhani sounding very pissed off and fed up. This has a slower pace, driven by a heavy rhythm that is almost chilled out, in contrast to the full on vocals, and finishes on some nice ambient guitar work, making it memorable.

The winner for funniest titled song goes to ‘Smoking Weed With Numbskull Emptybrook’ poking fun at themselves, and not being too serious lyrically. Initially they look to cause your ears distress with a high pitched alarming sound, before it batters you with its heavy sludge weight. It turns out to be rather upbeat sounding musically for this genre, due to its tone and fast pace, giving it a lighter vibe in this short offering.

Closing song, ‘Hit The Wall Or Hit The Ground’ takes things down a notch, before picking up to deliver a pummelling final blow to end this debut EP.  

This is a solid and rather enjoyable EP, the band should be proud of their inception, especially with them getting the right balance of humour, seriousness and melodies to soften the harshness of the genre, making it must hear for sludge metal fans.

Score: 3.5 / 5


Emptybrook’s Self-titled debut cassette/digital release is released on April 17th 2017.



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REVIEW: Ephemerald – ‘I Bear Fire’ (single)

Ephemerald – ‘I Bear Fire’ Single Review

by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Finnish metal band, Ephemerald although fairly new to the scene, having formed in 2016 are no strangers to the industry as collectively the members have a wealth of experience and touring. The members consist of by Joni Snoro (ex-Frosttide), Lauri Myllylä (ex-Frosttide), Vesa Salovaara (Vorna) and Juho Suomi (Apocryfal & Prayed and Betrayed). They are wasting no time building their reputation as they have recently signed a deal with Rockshots Records to release their debut single ‘I Bear Fire’. So what can we expect from this new band?!…

‘I Bear Fire’ quickly asserts its massive presence, aided by dark and eerie sounds. The fierce growled vocals amongst the in depth instrumentation is very effective, with the big orchestrations enhancing the melodies and ambience. The contrasting memorable clean vocals, paired with aggressive vocals is well placed and makes quite an impact. This is an unstoppable mighty force; what a way to showcase their sound with this huge debut single!

Fortunately the band are currently working on their full length album release, which is tentatively set for 2018. Until then enjoy ‘I Bear Fire’!

You can watch the official lyric video for the single below:



https://www.facebook.com/ephemeraldfin/                               https://instagram.com/ephemeraldfin


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Finnish messengers of death, Hautajaisyö released a new single!

Finnish messengers of death, Hautajaisyö released a new single!

From the depths of Finnish melancholy and messenger of death Hautajaisyö  (Funeral Night) released a new single on 19.01.2017 and its called “Unohdetut” (the forgotten). This song is the most melodic song they have ever played and the two guitarists play melodic and brutal riffs like never before. With the normal low growling vocals comes more “heavy metal” style clean vocals done by Tomas Ahlroos from Omniversum band. Same man were featuring in the first Hautajaisyö album. Band’s melancholy thrash & melodic death metal has a unique taste in them. Finnish sung vocals are not traditional death metal lyrics. Songs are hard and brutal, but still melodic in many ways. Second song in the single is a cover song from a Finnish hard rock band “Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus”  and the long song title mean “62”. Hautajaisyö is making its second album as we speak and the release is scheduled later this year.

Listen to Unohdetut single on Spotify

Hautajaisyö – Unohdetut 
01. Unohdetut
02. Kuusikymmentäkaksi (Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus cover)

”Unohdetut” composed By, Arranged By, Lyrics By: Hautajaisyö ”Unohdetut” single (2017)
By: Inverse Records

Kuusikymmentäkaksi” Original song by: Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus.
Composed By, Arranged By, Lyrics By: Timo Rautiainen
from: Itku Pitkästä Ilosta (2000)
By: Ranka Records

Upcoming gigs::
Cave Bar, Iisalmi, Finland 03.03.2017
Fubar, Tallinn, Estonia 13.04.2017

Hautajaisyö is: 
Janne Partanen – Vocals
Sami Pirskanen – Guitars
Ville Moisanen – Guitars
Simo Pesonen – Bass
Teemu Roth – Drums
&  Tomas Ahlroos from Omniversum on clean vocals

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