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Prophecy Fest add Alcest to 2022 billing

Alright, it is true that we recently claimed that the billing of Prophecy Fest 2022 was complete. Well, we have good reasons to believe, nobody will complain that we are adding another band to the programme, especially as this concerns a group of dear long-time friends from France: ALCEST!

The French post-black metal or blackgaze traiblazers have released their acclaimed first 5 albums that are each already considered as modern classics via our label. Prophecy Productions are successively reissuing the band’s catalogue, of which the latest was the beautiful 10th Anniversary Edition of “Écailles de Lune” in 2020. And don’t tell anybody yet, but ALCEST and the label are already working together on a new edition of “Les Voyages de l’Âme”. 

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Some of BLOODSTOCK HQ’s favourite festival moments are wandering amongst their metal brethren at Catton Park and seeing someone become a fan of a new band. Elevating the best upcoming heavy metal talent is one of the chief aims of Metal 2 The Masses, and as finals continue, we’ve details of a few more winners you’ll be able to see at BLOODSTOCK this August, alongside the first of the Jagermeister stage bands to be announced!


Iron Maiden Exhibition & More At BLOODSTOCK 2022

There’s now just 8 weeks to go ’til BLOODSTOCK 2022! HQ is in a frenzy getting the infrastructure together and locking in the last of the slots. There’s still another batch of Metal 2 The Masses bands to come and plenty more info about this year’s event to reveal, but first off, BLOODSTOCK has all the info about what to see at the festival’s unique Rock And Metal Gallery, including a very special Iron Maiden exhibition, as well as some Venom-shaped news.

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Brutal Assault #25 info

While we can expect the biggest bands at the event, even the new promissing ones could be witnessed. From the biggest ones and for the first one, we can expect the Polish imp himself – Nergal. Not with Behemoth tho, but with his other project Me and That Man. Another highlight is going to be legendary King Diamond with his Mercyful Fate.

From the less known names the festival will give us some old school doomy stuff from Pentagram with their controversial frontman. Psychedic needs will be satisfied by Oranssi Pazuzu. At last Canadian black metal from Panzerfaust is in the Europe, too. This time in the bigger event than small clubs. (In)famous Gaahl is going to play his black metal with his G. Wyrd this year as well.

If you like modern stuff, death core bands as Lorna Shore or Rings of Saturn shall make you happy.

If you prefer experiments, Psykup is going to deliver some with their mix of genres. Melt-Banana from Japan will be at Brutal Assault as well with their crazy combo of grind and noise.

There will be another first timers of course. More in the image. Stay tuned for more info.

ARCTANGENT FESTIVAL announce final band announcement of 2022

Arctangent Festival already has one of THE line ups for 2022 festivals, and today they announce the very final new band additions for the event, as well as move TesseracT up to main stage headliner status.

FULL list of newly added bands and artists being announced for ATG Festival today:
TWDY (formerly This Will Destroy You) / Godflesh / Devil Sold His Soul / Puppy / Stake / Still / Respire / Dead Bird / Ni Maîtres / Peach

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Knotfest.com Announce Inaugural ‘Pulse of the Maggots’ Fest UK

KNOTFEST.COM has today announced the inaugural UK ‘Pulse of the Maggots Fest’, as the KNOTFEST brand expands into the UK for the very first time. The debut event’s international bill features some of the hottest in developing heavy artists and finds its first UK base at The Mill in Birmingham, the city internationally renowned as the global ‘Home Of Metal.’

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