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Grave Pleasures celebrated the release of their fourth studio album Plagueboys at Yo-Talo in Tampere on April 27, 2023.

Modem, a dystopian synth-pop duo donned with a pile of synth filled boxes warmed up the stage. They seemed to be a bit mysterious and underground as I had trouble finding much info about them. Although their style and sound seemed to be on the outer edge of relative to Grave Pleasures, the connection was understandable. They somehow flawlessly blended eccentricity and low keyness, drenaline driven yet chill indie aesthetic, shiny latex, fast glasses eccentric dancing vs. knitted sweaters, humble newsboy hats and groovy stoicism. The vocals and more melancholic melodies shot a streak of Twin Peaks vibes through the whole set. Specially the parts when the vocalist played the Sax, and it made you question whether it was insanity or brilliance.

Although it was a Thursday night and probably not as big of a crowd a there could (should) have been, Grave Pleasures set the stage ablaze from start to finish. At times, every (living) body in the room was swaying to the groove of dystopian doomy post punk. Mat’s humble and low key speeches between songs drove in the lovely paradox of up beat dystopian music. Questioning why they wrote songs about such dark subjects such as “Doomsday Rainbows” in the past, and how they’ve move on to getting “High on Annihilation”. Sarcastically mentioning all the things going wrong in the world that they weren’t supposed to talk about , although much of their music coincidentally directly breached those subjects. Dancing with a similar low key eccentricness Modem had. The only other time I had seen the band was at the packed indoor stage at Tuska in 2018, so the half full intimacy of Yo-Talo was quite a different vibe and although the show as brilliant and will probably make my top gigs list, it left an unsatiated feeling, needing more. I really REALLY hope they do more gigs this year!



PHOTO REPORT: TUSKA – Day 3 1.7.2017 Helsinki, Finland

Temple Balls, Black Royal, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus, Ihsahn, Europe, Grave Pleasures, Clutch, Parkway Drive

Photography by Serena Solomon



























GRAVE PLEASURES ink worldwide deal with Century Media Records, new album “Motherblood” announced for autumn 2017, album artwork revealed!

(artwork by Tekla Valy)

GRAVE PLEASURES have finished the recording of their eagerly awaited second studio album, “Motherblood”, recorded at Orgone Studios in the UK (Ghost/Paradise Lost/Ulver). It has been scheduled to a worldwide release for late September/early October 2017 on Century Media Records.

Risen from the ashes of Beastmilk, GRAVE PLEASURES features the writing talents of Mat McNerney (Hexvessel, Beastmilk, Code, DHG) and Juho Vanhanen (Oranssi Pazuzu, Atomikylä). Their new record embraces their apocalyptic roots while taking their raw sound and songwriting to fierce new heights.

“Motherblood” features stunningly fresh artwork by Finnish artist Tekla Vály. Their visual language is every bit as strong as the musical essence of GRAVE PLEASURES, underlining their obsessively bold and independent aesthetics.

Mat McNerney comments on the signing:
“Jens came out to see our show in Sweden at the end of last year and enjoyed it so much he made it clear that he wanted to work with us. For me that’s the greatest way to work with a label, to hang out with the people involved, to be friends and to enjoy good music together. That way it’s much more than a business relationship to us. It becomes part of the experience of why we do this. It’s very comforting to know that we will have the best, most hard-working and friendliest team working on our record.  We’re proud to be a part of their family with Grave Pleasures.”

Century Media’s A&R Jens Prueter says:
““It’s a pleasure to welcome Grave Pleasures on Century Media. There are not too many artists who have enough talent and visions for being involved in very different bands such as Hexvessel, Oranssi Pazuzu and Grave Pleasures. And it’s always great to work with a group of friends and like-minded spirits. Thanks to the entire band and their manager Andy Farrow!”

unnamed (3).jpg

(photo by  Kim Sølve)

Mat McNerney comments on the albums concept and music:

“Like the great sacrament of ancient times that was the blood sacrifice of the mother, we too have laid down our most holy flesh at your feet. This record, which is a bold re-definition of death-rock and our totemic challenge to our pretenders, shall be our most grand and sordid testament. If you have never danced with the skeletons, then this album is your gateway drug to all the nihilistic pleasures of the grave. Apocalyptic post-punk never sounded so desperately bleak and wild yet never grinned so maniacally and writhed so fervently with tongues that whip the tombs. The Kali figure of our cover is the eternal icon of nuclear fear. She presides over the religion of an apocalyptic future. A desolate future we proudly celebrate with caustic music of the most furious punk. Come imbibe and wash your mind in our Motherblood. We’re dancing in the lion’s mouth. The elevator only goes down.”
Mat McNerney – Vocals
Juho Vanhanen – Guitars
Aleksi Kiiskilä – Guitars
Valtteri Arino – Bass
Rainer Tuomikanto – Drums

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