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Brutal Assault # 25 – Fan photo gallery

Hi, as promised in the last report from Brutal Assault festival, here is a gallery of some fans there. Sure, its not whole twenty thousand, but hoping its enough of happyness and joy caught in the place. Enjoy! Thank you all!

The most important guys in music – fans


Brutal Assault #25 – DAY I REPORT

At last! After two years of nothing, the gates of 25th Brutal assault open to us and here are some bands giving us their best. As usual, we witnessed little longer quevesat start, but nothing that we could not withstand. Some stuff was done at the last minutes as the ceilings on the balconies, but at least everyone could see what it takes to prepare festivals this big. So here goes the Tuesday.

Fans rules!

After little adaptation getting some tasty food in various of tents, both with meat meals but also vegan options, which is quite standard now, we could see the first artists performing in one of four stages. The start (at 2.15p.m.) was quite mild and not so in your face. Japanese metalcore of Sable Hills gave us some more melodic stuff so our skulls were not crashed immediatelly. After that the hardcore crossover Slope was pumping some positive energy into people as well as exotic Bloodywood with their combination of ethnical vibes and metal music.

Slope, Bloodywood

Some heavy hitters were delivering the best tho and that was Devourment from Texas with their brutal death metal. And they were not the only one in the day. Later on, Extermination Dismemberment and Korpse showed some nice work with a public and forced the people cheerfully to do some moshing, stage diving and even wall of death with their guttural rich music. Little less intense with brutality, but with added melodies, Rivers of Nihil played on one of main stages. Vola or Czech Avatar was even further in progressive approach with their music. At The Gates continued with the milder aspect of the genre later in the night.

Devourment, Extermination Dismemberment, Rivers of Nihil, Korpse

Two bands of another direct metal subgenre could be heard. Classical thrash metal from California, Vio-lence showed themselves in nice lights with their fast show and also another local band Exorcizphobia gave us some thrashy riffs.


Slower, but surely not weaker kind of stuff was represented by another, quite a new, Czech band Můra who looked like their motto is: Blood, corpsepaint and wine. Doomy steam-roller combination of doom death and black metal (mostly visually) was damn good, if you are in this kind of music and little smaller Bastion stage (new, instead of Octagon one) suited them well, too.


Later on the Pallbearer stayed in the genre as well as Evoken who represended slow funeral doom as if the time has almost stopped when heavy down-tuned riffes have been played.

Pallbearer, Evoken

Stay tuned for next days reports! Thanks.


Texas Rock Band BLACKTOP MOJO, led by front-man MATT JAMES, has teamed with fellow Texas vocal powerhouse DYLAN WHEELER to release their potent cover of AUDIOSLAVE’s “Getaway Car.” Inspired during the band’s 2022 tour, the vocal heavyweights teamed up upon BLACKTOP MOJO’s return, showcasing that Texas is fast dominating the New Wave Of Classic Rock movement!

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Brutal Assault #25 info

Summer is close and with it , at last, anniversary Brutal Assault in Jaroměř, Czech republic. The festival located behind the walls of the old fortress will offer to you not only music but quite a bit of other amusement as well.

Thirst and hunger is going to be satisfied by various stonewall pubs and bars, so you you can have a bit of rest under the roof, guarded against hot sun or the opposite – rain. There are lot of places to rest in in dungeons or grassy chill zones as well. Movie fains will be happy for horror flick cinema, too.



Slam Dunk festival is impressively heading into its 16th year and has been bringing the best punk, rock, metal and alternative acts since its inception and has grown bigger each year, and this year it boasts one of its biggest line-ups to date. Starting in a single venue, it is now held across two outdoor sites in Hatfield Park (South) and Temple Newsam Park in Leeds (North). Slam Dunk Festival 2022 will take place on Friday 3rd June (North) and Saturday 4th June (South), moving from the usual May Bank Holiday weekend to align with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend, which begins on Thursday 2nd June. Slam Dunk Festival will be a blast with four incredible headliners and other massive acts to the best up-and-coming bands. Here are just some reasons why it is not to be missed!

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Slam Dunk Festival 2022 adds STAND ATLANTIC, SMRTDEATH, CASSYETTE & more to line-up

Slam Dunk Festival 2022 keeps getting bigger and better! With a packed-out line-up featuring the hottest acts from all corners of the alternative scene and boasting not one but FOUR incredible headliners, Slam Dunk Festival has added even more names for this year’s Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekender event. 

Rounding off their whirlwind UK headline tour this week, Australian pop-punkers Stand Atlantic will be back at Slam Dunk Festival, following an impressive debut in 2018. The four-piece led by Bonnie Fraser are set to release their third album ‘F.E.A.R’ in May, a month before they return to the stages of Leeds and Hatfield. 

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