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CALIBAN – release “Intoxicated” from “Elements”

CALIBAN are excited to release the first song and video taken from their upcoming album, “Elements”. Everybody who came out to their highly successful “Darkness Over X-Mas”-Tour could already check out “Intoxicated” live. The video was produced by Iconographic.

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Lethal Injektion Release Official Music Video for “No Turning Back” Off of ‘Judgement Night’ LP

Tucson, AZ based, West Coast Metal band Lethal Injektion has released the Official Music Video for their single, “No Turning Back,” off of their September 2017 released Judgment Night LP. Originally premiered on Tattoo.com, “No Turning Back” was directed by Irin Daniels of Marmera Creative.

“No Turning Back” is about fighting for your dreams no matter what and against all odds, until you get to the point of no return! There IS No Turning Back” – Jonathan Russell (vocals)

OCEANS OF SLUMBER – release video for new single “The Banished Heart”!

Houston-based progressive metal outfit, OCEANS OF SLUMBER, have just released a video for their new single “The Banished Heart”, which is also the title track of the upcoming album, to be released on March 2, 2018!

The band comments, “As many terrible ups and downs as we’ve had over the years and as hard as 2017 was for some, we have made something we are very proud of. Something we could funnel into the aural and visual, and something that is bound to crush us and you. We made a record that is a window in time. A chronicling of what life was during it and an album we could call home for a bit.”

“Don’t dance with the devil too often, sometimes he takes the lead and takes you home.”

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FIREWIND Release New Video ‘We Defy’+ On EU Tour Now

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Greek melodic Power metal masters FIREWIND, who are continuing to promote their latest album “Immortals” on a European tour together with Rage, have launched a new video clip for the track ‘We Defy’ now.

Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/iDYJQVeaKgA

FIREWIND guitarist and bandleader Gus G. checked in with the following comment from the road:

“Hello friends and Happy New Year! We’ve kicked off 2018 in a great way, touring all over Europe with the legendary Rage. The first few shows of the tour have been insane!

In December, we captured some of this magic on camera when we played our hometown Thessaloniki in Greece. The video for the song ‘We Defy’ gives you an idea of the excitement and energy at a FIREWIND show. We hope you enjoy it and hope to see you at a show!”
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Feel” is an extract from the new Moonshine Oversight’s album “Vanishing Lines”. Lyrics are melancholic, expressing the inexplicable sadness in all of us in spite of acquired happiness. It is their most personal song.

Mormânt De Snagov to release new album on Pest Records

The Black Metal group Mormânt De Snagov was founded back in 2008 in South-West Finland in order to recreate and refine the darkest form of music. Now after 10 years of grinding and blasting, two full-length albums and a series of EPs and singles, Mormânt De Snagov are proud to announce their third full-length album which will be released in early 2018 through Pest Records. The new album is called Depths Below Space And Existence and will be unleashed unto the world on the 16th of February 2018.

In anticipation of the new album, Mormânt De Snagov offers an official video for the track Resist, now online and available here:

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