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Season of Mist Signs “MERRIMACK”

Season of Mist  announce the signing of MERRIMACK.

The Parisian black metal fanatics will release their next album on the label.


Regarding their signing, the band comments:

“We are pleased to announce that MERRIMACK are joining the Season of Mist roster. Signing with the leading force of the French shores is a decisive step in our goal to deliver the blackest of metals, without compromising our art, and with the means of a well-established company who proved to release the finest artists. Working with fellow countrymen will ensure a fruitful cooperation, and their unquestionable professionalism can be nothing but a motivation for the band to make this union last long!”

Having firmly established their black name and message around the globe, MERRIMACK are currently preparing to release their next milestone of brilliant black metal, balancing malicious underground spirit, and wickedly simmered maturity this year.

Official site:                                                               

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TORMENTOR Detail New Album “Morbid Realization”

TORMENTOR  Detail New Album “Morbid Realization” 

The release date of the TORMENTOR album  “Morbid Realization”  on CD is March 17th, 2017.

The east German Thrash Metal band TormentoR was formed in the year 2006 by Max Seipke in the age of 12 years. Together with producer Evil (Evil Studios) they recorded the first demo „Lesson in Aggression“ in 2007, which was released in the following year.

Shortly after the release of it, Thomas Wedemeyer became the new drummer of the band. With the demo and some new songs they took over the road as a two-pieced band for the next two years. The demo mostly got good feedback by fanzines as Metal Guardian or Headbangers Zine from the Netherlands. But the biggest compliment came from the Kreator mastermind Mille Petrozza himself, as he praised the band in a radio station interview!

In the year 2010 the band went into the studio, once again with producer Evil, to record their debut album “Violent World”. After the recording was done, Christian Schomber on bass and Kevin Hauch on the rhythm guitar became new members of the band. “Violent World” was released in 2012 via Iron Shield Records. The album mostly got good feedback from Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, Heavy and many more! Following the release they toured through Saxony, Brandenburg and Poland and established their name in the underground scene.

2013 and 2014 there mostly used for writing new songs, which was recorded end of 2016. The result will be released as CD/ LP and Download/Streaming again via Iron Shield Records!


1. Hope
2. Kill with no Excuse
3. Morbid Realization
4. Comprehension Failed
5. Burning Empire
6. Endless Emptiness
7. Forgotten
8. Lurks in the Dark
9. Walk past myself
10.Path to the dark Side
Total Playing Time: 42:31 min

Max Seipke – vocals, guitars
Kevin Hauch – guitars
Christian Schomber – bass
Thomas Wedemeyer – drums

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SUNLESS SKY Announce Eastern Europe Tour

Pure Steel recording artist SUNLESS SKY will start a big tour in Eastern Europe on 28th of March 2017. On the Adrenaline Junkie Tour the band enter the stages in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Metal siren Juan Ricardo and his bandmates proudly present the new SUNLESS SKY – masterpiece “Doppelgänger“- The album will be released on April 7th, 2017 via Pure Steel Records.


28.3. Ararat, Bilgoraj, PL
29.3 Rude Boy, Bielsko-Biala, PL
30.3 Tartaros, Banská Bystrica, SK
31.3 Barrocko, Trinec, CZ
1.4 Farárova Sluj, Mladá Boleslav, CZ
2.4 Exit-Us, Praha, CZ
3.4 Elektrownia, Zagan, PL
4.4 M13, Brno, CZ
5.4 TBA, HU
6.4. Kaptár Klub, Debrecen, HU
7.4 Csehó, Békéscsaba, HU
8.4 S8 Underground,  Budapest, HU
9.4 Rock Fabric, Poprad, SK
10.4 Randal, Bratislava, SK
11.4 TBA – probably Sopron, HU
12.4 Vintage Industrial, Zagreb, HR
13.4 Wakuum, Graz, AT
14.4 Uljanik, Pula, HR
15.4 Insomnia, Slavonski Brod, HR
16.4 Palma, Tuzla, BA
17.4 Daos, Timisoara, RO
18.4 Fabrica, Buchurest, RO
19.4 Live And Loud, Sofia, BG
20.4 Smile, Varna, BG
21.4 Extreme Club, Pleven, BG
22.4 Black Stage, Niš, RS

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WOLFHEART Posts New Video “The Flood”

Finnish winter metal warriors WOLFHEART have released a new single / video ‘THE FLOOD’

unnamedWolfheart promo by Valtteri Väyrynen

Finnish winter metal warriors WOLFHEART have released a new single with video named ‘THE FLOOD‘. The new single introduces more melodic and doom influenced side from the forthcoming 3rd album ‘TYHJYYS‘ which will be released worldwide 3.3. by Spinefarm Records.

The new album and most of the ‘THE FLOOD’ video footage was shot while recordings of the album in the legendary Finnish studio PETRAX (Amorphis, HIM, CoB, Nightwish etc.)

Listen THE FLOOD in Spotify:


TYHJYYS -album track list:
01. Shores Of The Lake Simpele
02. Boneyard
03. World On Fire
04. The Flood
05. The Rift
06. Call Of The Winter
07. Dead White
08. Tyhjyys

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AZARATH Detail New Album ‘In Extremis’

Polish black/death metal kings and Agonia Records recent signees, AZARATH, are ready to move forward with new music. On April 7th, the band (featuring drummer Inferno of long-time Behemoth fame) will return with their most furious sonic statement to date, a new album titled “In Extremis”. The eerie painting that adorns the album’s cover was made by Marta Promińska (Hypnagogic Painting).

unnamed (69).jpg

Meaning “at the point of death” or “under extreme circumstances” in Latin, “In Extremis” is yet another apex reached by AZARATH. Offering a vehement ride through the netherworlds, the effort arrives six long years after its predecessor, “Blasphemers’ Maledictions” (2011), and places the band back at the fore of the genre, with strong ties to the group’s early cult albums. Black as a night and dense as tar, “In Extremis” offers a whirlwind of chaotic currents ready to overwhelm.

Recorded in various locations between March and November 2016, the opus was mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio. Graphic design and layout were done by Mentalporn (Behemoth, Origin, Decapitated) with calligraphy provided by Ihasan Art and additional work by Holy Poison Design.


1. The Triumph of Ascending Majesty
2. Let My Blood Become His Flesh
3. Annihilation (Smite All the Illusions)
4. The Slain God
5. At the Gates of Understanding
6. Parasu Blade
7. Sign of Apophis
8. Into the Nameless Night
9. Venomous Tears (Mourn of the Unholy Mother)
10. Death

unnamed (70).jpg

Pre-orders are available at:

Following the album’s release, AZARATH will play at Inferno Festival (Norway) and Party.San Festival (Germany). The record release show will take place in Warsaw (Poland) a few weeks after album’s release date.

Described by as a “demonic mutation of Krisiun and Behemoth with shades of Immolation”, AZARATH stand up to their wicked name. The band’s death metal is crisp, black, and while it possesses the charm of their American counterparts, it remains open-minded and organic. This should not come as a surprise, considering the band’s impressive line-up and cemented position as one the the best Polish acts of the genre.

AZARATH crept from the shadows almost two decades ago, by the will of Inferno (of Behemoth fame) and then-members Bruno and D. Six albums later, the band’s line-up is shaped by the said Behemoth drummer, together with Bart (Armagedon, Damnation) on guitars, Necrosodom (Anima Damnata, Deus Mortem, ex-Infernal War) on vocals and guitars, as well as Peter (ex-Lost Soul) on bass.

Upcoming shows (more tba):
Inferno Festival 2017, NO
Party.San Festival 2017, GER

Inferno – drums
Bart – guitars
Necrosodom – vocals/guitars
Peter – bass

AZARATH on-line:
Band contact:
Press contact:

Agonia Records:

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REVIEW: Cyclocosmia – “Immure EP”

Cyclocosmia – “Immure EP”

Review by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy


Cyclocosmia is a progressive doom metal project from London, UK comprised of Aliki Katriou (vocals) and multi-talented James Scott (songwriter/producer) who plays all the instruments throughout. The duo also collaborate with guest musicians all over the world. Their debut album ‘Deadwood’ received critical acclaim and now they are looking to equally impress with their latest offering, new EP, ‘Immured’. The EP has a concept and doesn’t follow the norm, as you are meant to listen to it as a continuous 17 minute song, rather than individual tracks. It follows the story of a Roman Vestal Virgin who is condemned to live burial for breaking her vows. The bleak story certainly helps feed their impressive and unique symphonic doom…

Immured Part I’ opens on an ethereal, alluring yet alarming note, simply setting the scene for what lies ahead…’Part II’ kicks right off in symphonic glory with beautiful and dark clean vocals from Aliki Katriou, with savage screams in contrast from James Scott, but the balance is just right, and the results are both shocking and stunning.
Part III is on the angelic side initially before the heavy guitars accompany and showcase some solid and resonant tones, giving the song a lot of depth. The vocal variations offer even more diversity and give it a slightly deranged sound in the greatest sense. There is a lot going on here but it still manages to remain coherent and float seamlessly along in harmony. It is a very captivating and immersive sound that will surely lure you in…

The final chapter in this dark story, ‘IV’ starts with an eerie and delightful acoustic guitar section which complements Aliki’s high pitched and sorrowful vocals perfectly. James displays his impressive guitar capabilities further, amongst the epic drawn out doom symphonies with demonic growls laced throughout. It is cleverly structured and layered, making it a must hear. It offers tranquillity and angst all in one offering, something which the EP displays wonderfully throughout its dark emotional and thought provoking endeavour.

Score: 4/5

 Label:  self-released
 Release Date:  January 27th, 2017
 Genre:  symphonic/doom metal
 Country:  UK



1. Immured Part I
2. Immured Part II
4. Immured Part III
5. Immured Part IV
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