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MANTICORA to release new album in August 2020

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MANTICORA, the Danish prog-thrash veterans, are releasing the first
single/video from their upcoming album ’To Live To Kill To Live‘, the
follow-up and 2nd part of a huge concept, to 2018’s ’To Kill To Live To
Kill‘ – both albums, based on the 334-page horror/thriller novel that
leadsinger Lars F. Larsen wrote (also released in 2018).

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DEIQUISITOR to release “Downfall of the Apostate” April 23 on Dark Descent Records

From beyond the reach of our solar system comes the Downfall of the Apostates; fast, brutal and unearthly new death metal from Denmark’s DEIQUISITOR.

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PSY:CODE Release Official Video for “ISKOLDE ØJNE (Cold Dead Eyes)”

Copenhagen-based modern hardcore group PSY:CODE have released the official video for
“ISKOLDE ØJNE (Cold Dead Eyes),” a track from new album MØRKE. Complete with lyrics sung in Danish, the video can be consumed at

MØRKE is out now on Pavement Entertainment. The album can be purchased through iTunes and Amazon.
PSY:CODE previously released these official videos for songs from the album:
“Loosen the Tight” (360 video): https://youtu.be/Qt7kVaBY-Zw
“Stay Disappeared” https://youtu.be/RUW2AHOHqMs
“The Monument” https://youtu.be/pxOSEmPqVR4
 “Paralyzed” https://youtu.be/_JuQk98R6Uw
PSY:CODE is a band driven by a desire to reach beyond its own boundaries. The band’s first two releases, Delusion and Cause and Neglect, were met with critical acclaim by critics worldwide. The praise was not met with complacency and PSY:CODE set the bar higher when writing their third album. MØRKE is a natural progression, but remains grounded in the roots planted by its predecessors.


FOREVER STILL: New Video for ‘Break The Glass’!

The Danish heavy rock phenomenon FOREVER STILL just finished their big European tour with LACUNA COIL, but the road is also awaiting them in 2017 and now the band announced their first festival shows for this spring/summer – including the big Sabaton Open Air in Sweden that once again takes places in August!

In addition, FOREVER STILL now reveal their music video ‘Break The Glass’, that the band worked out in collaboration with their fans – singer Maja Shining comments: “When we started thinking about making a new music video, we decided, it would be fun to have our fans involved in it. We’ve always had a really close relationship with our fans and see them more like friends than fans, so we decided to have them choose the song and write the story with us and this is the result. Hope you enjoy it!”


29. – 30.04. F Le Russey, Coming Of Rock
23. – 25.06. UK Wiston, Wildfire Festival
16. – 19.08. S Falun, Sabaton Open Air

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