DR. LIVING DEAD! Working on new studio album for autumn 2017

Swedish crossover kings DR LIVING DEAD! are set to enter the studio this weekend to record their fourth full length album, the follow up to 2015’s “Crush the Sublime Gods” released via Century Media Records.

The recording will take place in Studio Rovljud in Örebro, Sweden and will again be helmed by Martin Jacobsson and Anders Alexandersson who both worked with the band on the previous effort as well.

Comments DR. LIVING DEAD! : “This album is way overdue and we are proud to announce that this is finally happening.  We promise a hard hitting and dynamic piece of crossover in your ugly faces. If not, we strongly encourage you to bitch about it online. A big thank you to everyone who supported us up until now, you know who you are and we look forward to unleashing new music for your ear pleasure!” 

The as of yet untitled album is set for a fall release via Century Media Records, with touring to follow.

For the latest updates on the band and studio diary, be sure to visit

DR. LIVING DEAD! online:

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REVIEW: Streams – Streams (single)

REVIEW: Streams – Streams (single) by                                                                                  Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Epic death metallers Streams are a brutal multi-talented duo from Finland. They have just unleashed their first self-titled single, which opens dramatically with a horror film vibe effect, instantly putting you on edge, before dark fast guitars come in, greeted by fierce growled vocals, which fire speedily throughout.  This is a blistering death metal offering, which is highly melodic and ends as it started, coming full circle and hitting you hard with every last beat.

This is a brilliant debut song and leaves you exhausted, but hungry for more extreme sounds from Streams, who in just one strike prove they are a band to keep an eye.

Score: 4/5

ATLAS – vocals, bass, guitar
TURBONUKLEAR – vocals, keys, drums

The single ‘Streams’ is out now (released 14/4/17) on Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play through Inverse Records.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/STREAMSmetal

Twitter: http://twitter.com/STREAMSmetal

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/4EINRW46NwS7eCwlRARJrk

ITunes: http://itunes.apple.com/fi/album/streams-single-single/id1225550152?l=fi

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Fire From The Gods Release Official Music Video for “The Voiceless” off of Upcoming ‘Narrative Retold’


Hardcore Metal band Fire From The Gods has released their Ramon Boutviseth directed Official Music Video for “The Voiceless.” Produced by Jonathan Davis (KORN), “The Voiceless” is off of their upcoming full length album, Narrative Retold, due out May 19th via Rise Records.

The Voiceless is referring to the callousness of society. This generation is exposed to so many shocking and graphic events. No one seems to bat an eye. There is no compassion or care for one’s fellow man. Violence towards each other is a normal occurrence factored into our lives these days. Speaking up about it is nothing new, but it needs to be said. Yes, the world will keep spinning, and life does go on, but we need to slow down and smell the fucking roses once in a while.”AJ Channer

unnamed (4).jpg

Heavy music deserves a heavier message.

That’s what Fire From The Gods deliver on their second full-length album and first for Rise Records, Narrative. Speaking from a platform cast in heavy metal power, hip-hop consciousness, and even a little reggae spirit, the Austin, TX quintet—AJ Channer [vocals], Jameson Teat [guitar], Drew Walker [guitar], Bonner Baker [bass], and Richard Wicander [drums]—urge for change through conveying a story that’s both personal and universal.
That story stems directly from AJ’s life. Born in the Bronx to a single mother of Jamaican descent, he spent his childhood moving between London, New York City, Los Angeles, Norfolk, and even Ghana where he attended middle school. Drawing from this diverse experience, he speaks with unmitigated honesty about the state of the world.

“This album is the personal narrative of a minority man living in major cities and being American,” he explains. “There’s a socio-economic theme throughout the whole record that carries from each song to song. It’s all about the underdog. We’ve all had to fight for everything we have in this band. The political climate in our country is quite racially and socially charged. There are a lot of issues and energy people are expressing along with misguided hate and anger. I want to channel this in music that can resonate. This is where we come from and who we are as a band.”

In order to properly capture this vision, the boys retreated to House of Loud Studios in New Jersey to record with David Bendeth (Paramore, Of Mice & Men, Breaking Benjamin). They spent a month in the winter of 2016 tracking what would become Narrative.

“There’s no crying in Bendeth’s dojo,” laughs AJ. “He really pushed us, and we grew in a short period of time. The band takes on a life of its own with this record.”

That growth stands pervasive in songs like “Excuse Me.” The vocalist spits a frenetic and frantic verse over a buzzsaw guitar and seesawing groove before eventually breaking into an airy dancehall break complete with a reggae-style plea, “Excuse me, Mr. Officer…”

“The essence of ‘Redemption Song’ influenced the hook,” he goes on. “I’m speaking my mind about the fact that people judge you based on looks. Police will violate constitutional rights because of it, and the law of the land makes individuals submit.”

Meanwhile, “Public Enemy” lands a one-two punch of aggressive screaming and a soaring unshakable refrain. “It’s a call-to-arms to be heard,” sighs AJ. “I’m targeting the epitome of tyranny on the lyrics.”

On the other end of the spectrum, “End Transmission” sputters out into a celestial hum, balancing an airy hum with pummeling crash. “You cut off the tether to reality and imagine yourself flying amongst the satellites and stars,” he reveals. “We equate the heavens with tranquility and peacefulness although space is very stark and it’s cold. It’s not being a hero to save the world, but finding that hero within yourself.”

Fire From The Gods have quietly built a rabid fan base through tireless touring across the United States. They’ve shared national bills with the likes of August Burns Red and festival stages alongside Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, Judas Priest, Killswitch Engage, and more at KNOTFEST two years in a row and with Motionless In White and Underoath at South By So What. Now, their Narrative is on display in 2016.

“I want people to feel empowered when they listen to this record,” AJ leaves off. “Come out of the experience knowing somebody thinks like you. You’re not alone.”

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Southern California’s veteran hardcore slayers TERROR, are premiering today their new EP called The Walls Will Fall a whole week in advance via Impericon.  The EP officially comes out on April 28th, via Pure Noise Records. Pre-order available here.

Guitarist Jordan Posner says about the new record ‘Coming at you 04/28/2017, is our brand new EP, The Walls Will Fall. 4 brand new songs and 1 cover! Go pick it up and dance your ass off! It’s that simple folks! DANCE HARD OR DIE!!!’

You can stream the new EP The Walls Will Fall here:

The Walls Will Fall Tracklisting:

1. Balance The Odds

2. Kill ‘Em Off

3. The Walls Will Fall

4. No Love Lost

5. Step To You (Madball Cover)

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The female fronted progressive power metal band VANDROYA will release their new album “Beyond The Human Mind” on April 28th through Inner Wound Recordings. “The Path To The Endless Fall”, the second single from the album is available for streaming at YouTube at the link below.

Stream “The Path To The Endless Fall” here

With a more evident progressive influence but without giving up the weight and virtuosity of power metal, the new album brings a more mature band, a more balanced sound and reflects the musicians technical and artistic evolution since the debut album “One”.

The album concept revolves around the journey we all go through in search of fullness and inner peace. The album artwork is created by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iced Earth].

Led by vocalist Daísa Munhoz, Vandroya are ready to take the next step and make a mark in the metal scene with “Beyond The Human Mind”.

Link to the lyric video for “I’m Alive”: https://youtu.be/zQvfYgQ1G9Y

Vandroya online
Website: http://www.vandroya.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vandroya

Inner Wound Recordings online
Website: http://www.innerwound.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/innerwoundrecordings

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KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Posts Studio Diary #3

In support of their upcoming rock juggernaut and highly anticipated new album ‘Prevail I‘, set to be released May 12th on Napalm Records, Canada’s hottest metal import KOBRA AND THE LOTUS have pleased their fans with some exciting studio diaries over the past few weeks. Now the band unveils their final and third studio teaser, which gives another in-depth view behind the scenes and the making of KOBRA AND THE LOTUS’ brand new album ‘Prevail I‘.
Watch the band’s new studio diary

“We have been truly humbled by the positive reception and support for all the new songs so far. KATL Nation is proving to be strong, mighty, and more than ready to evolve along side us as we expand and fine tune our sound even further. For all those metal heads still waiting for that true heavy metal sound to make its presence on the album, I assure you there is plenty more to come. I hope you enjoy this quick glimmer of us in the studio as much as we enjoyed recording the album!! If you live in North America, please check out the tour dates and come out to a show. We can’t wait to see everyone, prevail with passion, and make some amazing memories together!” says Kobra Paige.

source: napalmrecords

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