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REVIEW: Pulchra Morte – ‘Ex Rosa Ceremonia’

REVIEW: Pulchra Morte – ‘Ex Rosa Ceremonia’ by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Death doom metallers Pulchra Morte is comprised of Adam Clemans (Skeletonwitch, Wolvhammer), John Porada (Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams), Jarrett Pritchard (Eulogy, Brutality), Clayton Gore (Eulogy, Harkonin), and Jeffrey Breden (Leagues Below) who formed in 2017 with the intention of bringing back the atmosphere and feeling to extreme music. Their new second full-length album ‘Ex Rosa Ceremonia’ truly embraces this sentiment.

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REVIEW: Dragged Under – ‘The World Is In Your Way’ (deluxe edition )by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Seattle hard punk rockers Dragged Under have created a powerful sound which combines thrashed-up punk, hardcore, technical metal, and alternative elements and that is what gives them an edge. They have come far in a short space of time having formed in 2019 and have had a busy year despite covid-19 as in between touring with The Used and Dead American they independently released their debut The World Is In Your Way in January this year.

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REVIEW: OCEANS OF SLUMBER – ‘Oceans Of Slumber’ (album)

REVIEW: Oceans Of Slumber – ‘Oceans Of Slumber’ by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

US prog metallers OCEANS OF SLUMBER are unleashing their fourth self-titled album on September 4th 2020 via Century Media Records. The band have undergone quite a transformation with new members that coincided with the new album bringing a new refreshed and redefined sound in what is their most aspiring and sonically charged release yet. Lyrically the album explores some dark and heavy relatable themes such as grief, depression and general angst of people who have been wronged.

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REVIEW: Ensiferum – ‘Thalassic’


REVIEW: Ensiferum – ‘Thalassic’ by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Ensiferum are pioneers in melodic folk metal and their new eighth album ‘Thalassic’ which is released July 10th 2020 via Metal Blade Records asserts this yet again. The album’s title translates from ancient Greek as “of or relating to seas” and this theme is strong throughout and the mythology touched upon in the album helps take the bands sound to another level being their most forceful offering yet.

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REVIEW: Katatonia – ‘City Burials’

KATATONIA - City Burials

REVIEW: Katatonia – City Burials by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Swedish metallers Katatonia have returned from their unexpected hiatus with their highly anticipated eleventh new album ‘City Burials’ which is set for release on 24th April through Peaceville records. They are back with an invigorated and more progressive sound which was certainly worth the wait…

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REVIEW: Ofdrykkja – Gryningsvisor


by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Swedish atmospheric black metal act Ofdrykkja have been through their share of trials and tribulations relating to addiction and mental illness, with member Drabbad even being shot by the police and arrested in the past for drug offences, they recovered from this and created their second album ‘Irrfärd’ but they soon drifted apart to embark on their own journeys, luckily along the way they embraced a new and better outlook and found sobriety and regrouped to create their new and third album titled ‘Gryningsvisor’ which is Swedish for ‘Ballads At Dawn’ which marks their new direction and chapter as a band…

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