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With Romanian origins and relocated in Finland, the artist Ioana Ellyn is ready to start her musical journey with a dark, heavy style, both musically and lyrically. Now Ioana Ellyn premiere a brand new lyric video for “The Wailing”

Check out now “The Wailing” streaming via Youtube and Spotify below.

Pre-save: https://rb.gy/eklxgh

Contact: ioanaellyn@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ioanaellyn/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ioanaellyn
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@IoanaEllyn/


SABATON Release ‘The Symphony To End All Wars’

Swedish metallers SABATON are on a mission to send chills up listeners’ spines. Today, the Falun five-piece unleash their new album The Symphony To End All Wars – a virtuosic, symphonic take on The War To End All Wars – which was released on March 4, 2022, by Nuclear Blast Records.

The band state: “These stories about courageous heroes and extraordinary incidents during the Great War are not only worthy of a whole album and an accompanying history edition, but an additional symphonic soundtrack edition that summons new emotions and adds a new dimension to our compositions. This is an entirely different take on The War To End All Wars.”

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BARE INFINITY release new Lyric Video

Bare Infinity have released a new Lyric video for the song ‘Orion’s Light’ , from their new album “The Butterfly Raiser” which was released on the 3rd of March 2017 by Blackdown Music.


The song features the singer Sarah Wolf of  the American Symphonic metal band AfterTime .

The Lyric video and song portray a strong Ancient Greek theme visualised by Very Metal Art.

The album is available on all streaming and download platforms as well as in physical copy throughout the USA via CDBaby and Alliance Entertainment , BeyondBattle Records and RockAvenue Records JAPAN and by Blackdown Distribution in the EU.


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Symphonic Vocalist LEAH Releases Ethereal Cover of Skyrim Video Game Theme Song “The Dragonborn Comes”

Symphonic/Celtic vocalist LEAH – described affectionately by her fans as “the metal Enya” – is recognized in the music world for her work with established heavy metal musicians such as Eric Peterson of Testament and Dragonlord, Timo Somers of Delain, Troy Donockly of Nightwish and many others. With three well-received releases under her belt ( Of Earth & Angels [2012], Otherworld [2013] and Kings & Queens [2015]), LEAH is currently working on her upcoming, currently untitled album featuring many of the players above, in addition to former Delain drummer Sander Zoer and Barend Courbois of Blind GuardianLEAH‘s music places the listener in a world of fantasy, magic, history and everything in between.

While fast at work on said record, LEAH enjoys trying her hand at other musical endeavors and covers.LEAH‘s most recent cover comes in the form of the main theme, “The Dragonborn Comes”, from the wildly popular open world action role-playing video game Skyrim of The Elder Scrolls series.
This track will appeal to the heavy metal fan with a profound love for video games and all things fantasy! Listen here, and read the story of LEAH‘s inspiration below

“As you know I’ve been writing a brand new Celtic metal album due out this fall,” says LEAH.
“I was looking for inspiration and tried reading some books, but never found my muse, until my fans recommended I start playing Skyrim. So I did, and I really ran with some of those themes in my songwriting! Not only did the storyline inspire me, but the soundtrack itself is epic, as you already know. I ended up getting distracted and thought to myself, ‘Hmm… I wonder what it would sound like if I LEAH-fied the Dragonborn theme song?’ I decided to try it and see how it turned out for fun. I sent it over to my producer in Germany and he really liked my version, so I decided to release it for you! I hope you like it, and I hope the song stays true enough for The Elder Scrolls fans, while also giving a new feminine spin on it!”
“The Dragonborn Comes” and other tracks by LEAH are also available for free download via her website here http://leahmusic.net/dragonborn or http://leahmusic.net. You can also receive “The Dragonborn Comes” by texting the word DRAGONBORN to +1 587-800-4323.
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