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PHOTO REPORT: Sauna Classic 2017 – Day 1

PHOTO REPORT: Sauna Classic Day 1 – July 28,2017 in Tampere, Finland

Photography by Serena Solomon


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PHOTO REPORT: 3 Days at TUSKA – 30.6.2017 – 2.7.2017, Finland

PHOTO REPORT: TUSKA – Day 1, 30.6.2017, Finland by Serena Solomon 

Brother Firetribe, Vuur, Wintersun, Baptism, Insomnium, Barathrum, Devin Townsend Project, The True Mayhem and festival life!!

DAY 1 Report: https://darkartconspiracy.com/2017/07/07/photo-report-tuska-2017-day-1/


PHOTO REPORT: TUSKA – Day 2 1.7.2017, Finland by Serena Solomon

Avatarium, Paara, Throes Of Dawn, Sleep Of Monsters, Lost Society, Fear Of Domination, Amorphis, Triptykon, HIM

DAY 2 Report: https://darkartconspiracy.com/2017/07/08/photo-report-tuska-2017-day-2/



PHOTO REPORT: TUSKA – Day 3 2.7.2017, Finland by Serena Solomon

Battle Beast. Dirk Scheiner, Baroness, Apocalyptica, Mastodon

DAY 3 Report: https://darkartconspiracy.com/2017/07/10/photo-report-tuska-day-3/



PHOTOREPORT: Lacrimas Profundere May 12, 2017 in Dubai

PHOTOREPORT: Lacrimas Profundere –  May 12, 2017 in Dubai! Photography by Pedram Ghadiri

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PHOTOREPORT: KING DUDE and DRAB MAJESTY: 29.4.2017 at Kuudes Linja / Finland

KING DUDE : 29.4.2017 at Kuudes Linja, Finland. Photography by Serena Solomon

DRAB MAJESTY: 29.4.2017 at Kuudes Linja, Finland. Photography by Serena Solomon

#darkartconspiracy #metal #music #photography