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RIPPED TO SHREDS: “Mai-zang” streaming in full at Decibel Magazine

The latest edition of Decibel Magazine’s Demo:listen profiles RIPPED TO SHREDS, a one-man OSDM band featuring extreme multi-tasker Andrew Lee (ex-DISINCARNATION). In addition to an in-depth interview with Lee, the column offers an exclusive stream of his upcoming release Mai-zang 

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Scarificare premiere the new track “Occult Radiance”

Today, blackened death metallers Scarificare premiere the new track “Occult Radiance” at Decibel magazine’s website. The track hails from the band’s highly anticipated third album, Tilasm, set for international release on April 20th via Helldprod Records. Hear Scarificare‘s “Occult Radiance” in its entirety exclusively HERE.

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Swedish Black/Thrash Trio SINIESTRO Premieres “ARCTIC BLOOD”

SINIESTRO: Swedish Black/Thrash Trio Premieres “ARCTIC BLOOD” Video At Decibel Magazine; Forthcoming EP To Drop Via Black Lion Records

With an EP and an LP in their arsenal, Swedish arctic black thrashing trio SINIESTRO has already marked their advent phenomenal in the extreme metal realm. The diabolical troop is all set to excavate their sinistrous crypt further with the upcoming EP “Arctic Blood”, to be unleashed this May 2018 through BLACK LION RECORDS. Continue reading Swedish Black/Thrash Trio SINIESTRO Premieres “ARCTIC BLOOD”

BEASTIALITY premiere new track

Today, Swedish ultra-metal cult Beastiality premiere the new track “Witchblood” at Decibel magazine’s website. The track hails from the band’s highly anticipated debut album, Worshippers of Unearthly Perversions, set for international release on December 15th via Invictus Productions. Hear Beastiality‘s “Witchblood” in its entirety exclusively HERE.

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Uk’s Blackend Death horde Stahlsarg new album Mechanisms of Misanthropy is out Now

Uk’s Blackend Death horde Stahlsarg are pleased to present you a series of full albums of stream of their new album Mechanisms of Misanthropy out today October 31st


Pleased present the following for Stahlsarg Premiere

Decibel Magazine (USA)


unnamed (2).jpg

Track listing 
Mechanisms Of Misanthropy Out October 31 st 

1. Raise The Dead
2. Das Fallbeil
3. Blonde Poison
4. Pharmaceutical Frontline
5. Far Beyond The Dragons Teeth.
6. Burn and Destroy
7. Hope Lies Frozen
8. A Will To Endure
9. Aerial Night Terrorists
10. In The Lungs Of The Earth

UK Death Metal Band VENOM PRISON Premiere New Music Video for “Perpetrator Emasculation”

Debut Full-Length Album, Animus, Out Now via Prosthetic Records

Coming off their Metal Hammer/Golden Gods “Best New Band” award, UK death metal outfit VENOM PRISON premiered their new video, “Perpetrator Emasculation”, with Decibel Magazine.

The track is taken from their critically acclaimed debut full length, Animus, out now. The video was shot at a house show by Ashlea Bea Photography in the band’s hometown. VENOM PRISON frontwoman, Larissa, described the need for house shows, explaining they are a vital part in the music community:
VENOM PRISON grew from a grass roots hardcore scene, and have no intention of forgetting where we have come from. VP recently decided to do a home town show at a secret location and as you can see, it was intense. Living in a time where music venues close down or just aren’t affordable for underground promoters and bands, supporting your local scene is very important as it helps expanding musical boundaries and help to evolve the bands involved in it. Hopefully this footage from “Perpetrator Emasculation” spreads word that shows like this are going on all over the world in DIY spaces.”
As one of the most talked about bands in the UK, in addition to winning the Golden God award, VENOM PRISON has been declared “your new favorite band” by British mainstay metal mag, Kerrang! and recently was given the prestigious 5K rating for their incendiary live performance at this year’s Download festival.
Larissa comments on their tumultuous year: “This year has been relentless for us so far. VENOM PRISON have had all sorts happening recently including Download Festival and winning Best Newcomer award at the Golden Gods. It reflects everything that goes into making this happen because this band genuinely works continuously.”
The band has spent the last year touring in support of Animus, having played with Gorguts, Darkest Hour, Suicide Silence, Aversions Crown and many more. Filled to the brim with “pummeling riffs and a vicious vocal delivery” (Decibel), Animus is 10 tracks of venomous brutality that tackle subjects as social Darwinism, misogyny, rape culture and the rejection of God and religion.
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