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KEROSCENE – Like The First Time (Single Review)

KEROSCENE – Like The First Time (Single Review) by Carina Lawrence 


London quartet Keroscene have created an interesting sound for themselves, not putting themselves in a box. They are free to explore and play with the genres. They have gained attention from Q Magazine and been placed in noteworthy Spotify playlists, highlighting them as a new and upcoming band to watch.
The band recorded two singles with Matt Peel (Eagulls, Pulled Apart By Horses). The first ambient single, “I Can’t Do A Thing” showcases their vast influences, drawing from a more post-punk vibe.
And now with a year new, brings a new single titled “Like The First Time” which has dark undertones with a slight melancholic sound, with lyrics such as “like the first time you killed me” and “forever entombed” adding to this sombre side. It features twangy indie guitars tinged in a dark ambience, aided by the electronics creating more atmosphere and depth. As it progresses more elements creep in with a crescendo, making quite a powerful impact. This isn’t really heavy music, but through its bleak and broody sound it intrigues and demonstrates the band have a lot to convey. The song is thought provoking through its lyrical content, as its about being alone, not loneliness, but more about we are on our own when we come into the world and when we exit and about the importance of understanding life to lead to content and fulfilment. So the band manage to successfully take us on an interesting and philosophical journey, both musically and lyrically. This is an impressive feat for a new band, and gives you even more reason to check them out.

Video link – “Like The First Time”




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PALLBEARER – announce European tour dates for April!

PALLBEARER – announce European tour dates for April!

PALLBEARER - announce European tour dates for - 2017-01-10

2017-01-10 – Fervent Arkansas progressive doom quartet PALLBEARER are incredibly pleased to announce that they will be gracing our UK and European stages in April 2017, for 16 show dates.

Kicking off at the Botanique, Brussels – this run will take PALLBEARER across Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the UK before concluding at distinguished Tilburg, Netherlands based underground music festival Roadburn. The 2017 edition of the festival has been part-curated by renowned musician and artist John Baizley (BARONESS), who personally hand-picked PALLBEARER for the illustrious event.

PALLBEARER commented on the tour news:
“As always, we are completely thrilled to venture beyond our own dystopian shores. Europe and the UK have always been a killer experience for us and our return could not come at a more crucial time.”

The dates read as follows:

Last week PALLBEARER announced that their highly anticipated third record »Heartless« will be released on 24th March 2017! »Heartless« will be released via Nuclear Blast Entertainment in the UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand and via Profound Lore in North America.


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DESTRUCTION – kick off the 2nd part of their »Europe Under Attack«

The waiting is over – legendary German thrashers, DESTRUCTION, kick off the second part of their »Europe Under Attack« tour tomorrow at Crash, Freiburg, Germany. As support acts for this 25-show trek, they will not only bring the Brazilian thrash institution NERVOSA with them, but also GONOREAS from Switzerland as well as the German shredhopes REZET. Find all current dates for this inferno below!

Grab your chance to win a meet & greet with DESTRUCTION and a tour shirt, and take part in the following Nuclear Blast raffle:

»Europe Under Attack 2017«

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KATAKLYSM – announce special European tour in autumn 2017!

Canadian hyperblasters, KATAKLYSM, will celebrate their 25th band anniversary in 2017. In support of this noticeable jubilee, the band will play special shows and bring their classic records »Shadows & Dust« and »Serenity In Fire« on European stages in their entirety.

The band commented:

“It’s hard to think that 25 years have already arrived, feels like yesterday when we were in high school being teen rebels and we started a band called KATAKLYSM, hard to believe that through everything this band has been through, we are still standing tall, but when you really think hard a few words can summon it all: Perseverance, strength, belief and honesty, those were and are the key ingredients for KATAKLYSM success and of course killer anthems who have stood the test of time!

We have taken this moment to stop and reflect and thought we should celebrate this event, as it doesn’t happen often to bands, to still be meaningful to the world and achieve 25 years of career, with this we also noticed that one of our breakthrough albums »Shadows & Dust« will turn 15 years old in 2017, so what better way to send a big thank you back to our fans by revisiting this classic record and its follow up »Serenity In Fire«, two landmarks in KATAKLYSM’s on going blistering career?

We decided to make a special event with select dates and bring this idea to life with a tour called »A Moment In Time: Shadows & Dust vs. Serenity In Fire« where KATAKLYSM will play both albums in their entirety, with a brand new stage show reflecting those two records, for this special occasion KATAKLYSM has invited their old friends in GRAVEWORM from Italy to open up the festivities, who themselves supported KATAKLYSM in Europe and in the US during the »Shadows & Dust« and »Serenity In Fire« campaign era, we are beyond excited for this event, it will be a one time thing for the cities we play it, so don’t miss it, we will not bring it back, so make sure you come out and party with us celebrating our 25th anniversary!”

Check out this trailer to get more info about KATAKLYSM’s upcoming European tour 2017:


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BLOODRAINBOW announced third full-length, “Upheaval”

BLOODRAINBOW announced third full-length, “Upheaval”

Hungary’s neoclassical power death metallers BLOODRAINBOW have announced the release of their third full-length “Upheaval”.
The band’s sound is a crossover between the atmosphere from the south american “fiesta” and russian and north african battlefields, combining trumpets, saxophones and other wind instruments with the brutality of death metal.

“Upheaval” is available for full streaming at the band’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCixJZF1PLmBksAcRdJhE2rw

For more info, visit BLOODRAINBOW on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloodrainbow/



1. Born of Gods
2. Debauchery, fall, expulsion
3. Outcast from Eden
4. Harpoon and Sonar
5. Stalingrad
6. Rolling sand of Alam Halfa
7. Indestructible armor
8. Conquistadors


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Ancara releases new album “Garden Of Chains”

Finnish Alternative Hard Rock Band ANCARA will release it’s fourth studio album ”Garden Of Chains” via Concorde Music Company internationally on March 3rd 2017.

On November 2015 AncarA played the highest (unofficially) ever played electrical rock show on Mount Everest at 4600 metres. There was also created a documentary film ”Rockin High” of that trip that has gathered lots of praises and have been shown at film festivals, movie theatres and on Finnish national television.

AncarA will celebrate the release of the album with a release show at rock club Tavastia, Helsinki.

With the earlier albums AncarA has been noted on top 10 on official Finnish record sales charts and on postion 2. on Finnish single charts.

”Garden Of Chains” has been recorded in Finland and at Hollywood, Los Angeles. As producers are Jimmy Westerlund and Erno Laitinen.

AncarA 2017 is:
Sammy Salminen, Vocals
Juha ”Juice” Wahlstén, Guitar & Vocals
Toni Laroma, Guitar
Toni Hintikka, Bass
Rale Tiiainen, Drums

AncarA ”Garden Of Chains”
1. The End (Easier Than Love)
2. Wake Up
3. Feeding The Fire
4. Changes Come
5. Ending Mode
6. Child Of The Sun
7. Perfect Enemy
8. Incomplete
9. The Warmth
10. Garden Of Chains
11. Better Man



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