Cadaveria music as soundtrack of Prepararsi alla Morte TV program.

CADAVERIA Announces:

“We are very excited to announce our deadly cooperation with director Luigi Pastore for the soundtrack of Prepararsi alla Morte TV programme! Produced by LuPa Films, “Prepararsi alla Morte” is the first thanatological TV format (in Italian), dealing with the greatest mystery of every human being’s existence: death.”

CADAVERIA music will be the soundtrack of all the episodes of the first series, debuting on the web on January 13, 2017. Moreover Cadaveria herself will be the guest of the special episode, already recorded in the esoteric city of Turin, that will conclude the season.

Watch the official video announcement here:

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Italian version

Siamo lieti di annunciare la nostra collaborazione con il regista Luigi Pastore per la colonna sonora del programma TV Prepararsi alla Morte! Prodotto dalla LuPa Films, “Prepararsi alla Morte” è il primo format tanatologico, che tratta del più grande mistero dell’esistenza di un essere umano: la morte.

La musica dei CADAVERIA farà da sottofondo alla sigla e a tutti gli episodi della prima serie, che debutterà sul web venerdì 13 gennaio 2017. Inoltre Cadaveria stessa sarà l’ospite della puntata speciale, registrata nella magica città di Torino, che concluderà la stagione.

Ecco l’annuncio ufficiale in questo video:


Nihilistische KlangKunst announces release of Funeral Mourning’s “Descent MMXV”

Nihilistische KlangKunst announces release of Funeral Mourning’s “Descent MMXV”
German label Nihilistische KlangKunst has announced that they will release “Descent MMXV”, a two track record from Australian black / funeral doom metallers Funeral Mourning, on January 1st, 2017.

This release comes on a 4-panel Digipak and is limited to 77 copies.




“Since then, according to the beliefs of these people, Melissa returns to wander among the living, and what seems incredible is that the persons to whom she appears dies under mysterious circumstances.”

Continuing along the grievous march with their own style of Cursed Doom-laden Rock which already established the band as one of the best Italian act, Black Oath returns from the other world to cast evil spells and damnation in the form of this 4 tracks mini-album.
Including new unreleased tracks recorded between 2012 and 2015 , and a tribute song to the late Terry Jones from Pagan Altar, crafting “Highway Cavalier” and “Reincarnation” (off The Time Lord ep) as a medley. Black Oath’s own well-blended massive and flinty riffs, haunting melodic solos and clean, summoning vocals are here well-preserved, slightly adding a more heavy and gloomy mood to the whole thing. Feel the horror creeping into your soul!

Label: Terror From Hell Records
Release Date: October 17th, 2016
Country: #Italy
Running Time: 19 min

Line-up: – Vocals/Bass
Bon R. – Guitars
Chris Z – Drums
Gabriel – Guitars

1. …From Here
2. Funeral Alchemy
3. Reincarnation Of The Highway Cavalier
4. A Song To Die With

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Quintessenz – “To the Gallows”

Quintessenz – “To the Gallows”

In 2010, Quintessenz was formed as a one-man-project by Genözider.(Bulldozing Bastard,Vulture,Luzifer). After the first Demo in 2011. The First EP under the banners of „Evil Spell Records“, namely „Okkult Metal Spell“ from 2012, was a contiunuation to this kind of Metal . Rough sound, simple Riffs,
Fuck-off-attitude! In 2013 the first Album „Back to the Kult of the Tyrants“ comes out and was a complete dedication to the „First Wave of Black Metal“ Bands like Venom,Celtic Frost and Hellhammer.
The new Album „To the Gallows“ goes one step further and is more melodic.The development results in more complex song structures, many details in songwriting and surprises the listener with unawaited elements that gives an in depth experience. . They ́ve added a lot of influences from classical heavy metal this time full of variety in the songs which are often hymnic melodic, but also aggressive without denying their roots.

Label: Undercover-Records / Evil Spell Records
Release Date: January 1st, 2017
Genre: Black Metal
Country: #Germany
Running Time: 47 min


01 Zeitgeist Verrecke
02 Of Majestic Shores
03 The Claws Of Nosferatu
04 Her Spell
05 Sounding The Funeral Bell
06 To The Gallows
07 Endless Night
08 Seth
09 Gloomweaver
10 Cursed By Moonlight

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+Liturgy Of Decay+ – “First Psalms (Psalms of Agony And Revolt – First and Early Shape)”

+Liturgy Of Decay+ – “First Psalms (Psalms of Agony And Revolt – First and Early Shape)”


 Label:  D-Monic Records
 Release Date:  October 15th, 2016
 Genre:  Flambloyant Gothic Metal (atmospheric and symphonic)
 Country:  France
 Running Time:  55 min
+Iokanaan+ : vocals, guitars, keyboards and programmings


1 – Mental Damage
2 – Symphony Of Curses
3 – Suffering The Idyll
4 – Suffering The Ideal
5 – Dispossessed (SIC NOC LVCEAT)
6 – The Temptation Of Being
7 – The Last March
8 – Tales Of Betrayals
9 – Tristiana
10 – Dolores (My Lonely Failure)

« A liturgy of decay, because if you want to learn to fly, you will first have to learn to fall »

At the crossroads between a deeply gothic style (in an almost literal meaning of the word), carried by a misty and originally disenchanted religiosity which gathers inspiration in centuries-aged musical shapes and orchestrations, and a truly modern, clear-voiced, atmospheric and melodic metal, +Liturgy Of Decay+ is the place of birth and the cradle of what reviews formerly described as a deeply personal and yet unexplored style – to which has been given the designation of “ flamboyant gothic metal”, in reference to the proliferation characteristic of the architectural genre with the same name as well as to the bringing together and to the confrontation within its aesthetic, dialectical and musical content of abyssal darkness and of sparkling lights from intense radiance, of black opacities and of vibrant clarities. Blending a wide spectre of influences from Dead Can Dance, The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy or Elend to Paradise Lost, Samael, Moonspell or Tiamat, passing by symphonic, liturgical and electronic music, the band’s work, carried by a permanent emotional and spiritual tension wandering the extremes both high and low, drives to the exploration of an ageless universe where saturated guitars and hammered rhythms, classical and electronic orchestrations, great organs, harpsichords, choirs and carillons melt with each other and weave a backcloth where an alternately plaintive and incantatory chant psalmodies the revolt and the bitterness of an aching past and the invocation for a glorious future by calling to an uprising of the Self against despondency.

Diktatur – “L’Agonie d’Un Monde”

Diktatur – “L’Agonie d’Un Monde”

Label: Melancholia Records
Release Date: November 28th, 2016
Genre: Black Metal
Country: #France
Running Time: 19 min

Guitares, Bass, Synthetizer & programming : Aizko :
Drums : Thorgis
Voice : Thsymgor


01 – Comme une Ombre
02 – L’Hérétique
03 – Par le Fer & le Feu
04 – L’Agonie d’Un Monde

Founded in 2008, DIKTATUR is a black metal band from the South-West of France and the Basque country. The band draws its inspiration from the concept of the “strong way” (violence, horror, fighting the unbeatable, etc…) where hope dies and death is the only solution.
Late 2010, DIKTATUR self-released its debut album entitled LA VOIE DU SANG (translation: The Way of Blood). The takes place mainly in the context of trench warfare, facing the horror and the threatening eye of Death. Despite a minimal promotion, the album has been exported to Spain, Greece, Germany, Norway and Thailand.
During 2015, DIKTATUR reveals four new pieces taken from the unfinished outline of the successor of LA VOIE DU SANG and makes it a EP in 2016 : L’AGONIE d’UN MONDE (translation: The Agony Of a World).
Once again, the group proves that it is not easy to put a label on their creations and offers us here 4 titles of a perfectly mastered Black Metal with deep and varied atmospheres. L’AGONIE D’UN MONDE depicts in music an unstoppable mechanism, that of a slave-like order (Comme un ombre) and oppressor (L’hérétique), ready to destroy everything to rule over nothing
(Par le fer et le feu, L’agonie d’un monde). Mastered at [X]-LAB STUDIO (The Prisoner, Numenor …) this EP also marks a major turning point for DIKTATUR with several changes of line-up and its entry into the renaissant label MELANCHOLIA RECORDS (Orakle, Bornholm, Hecatombic, Numenor, Straasha, Unholy Matrimony, Malefilencia, The Prisoner …).
Do not deceive yourself, under this name which makes him fantasize more than one, DIKTATUR does not support any political or philosophical current. Only music reigns supreme.

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