IHSAHN & LEPROUS unique hybrid concert this Sunday (20.12.20)

The collaboration between Ihsahn and Leprous goes back the better part of two decades, where songs, members and performances have been heavily intertwined. This exclusive and unique performance will celebrate these connections further.

Set to take place at Notodden Theater, Norway, on December 20th 2020 @ 7pm GMT, tickets are available HERE.

Those who purchase tickets will be able to watch the performance as many times as they like up until December 22nd 2020 @ 9pm GMT.

The event will be hosted by Munin.Live a new streaming platform brilliant brought together to engage and excite fans whilst supporting artists, touring crew and engineers in especially difficult times. Go to munin.live to see their full list of upcoming events.

Ihsahn’s current EP’s Telemark and Pharos are out now via Candlelight Records with bespoke vinyl options available.

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