OUTBREAK FEST have announced their 10 year Anniversary weekend will take place in the new home of the Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester on 25th / 26th / 27th June 2021.

The first headliner for 2021 will be the brilliant KNOCKED LOOSE.  A band who have a reputation for being one of the best live bands in hardcore from fans & media alike will make heir debut at Outbreak and will see them headlining Friday 25th June. 

” We are excited to be a part of the Outbreak Fest line up. I’ve watched tons of videos from this fest and I’m stoked to experience it first hand.” says singer Bryan Garris

There will of course be two more headliners to announce and a host of bands from all over the world but joining on the weekend and announced today are legends MADBALL, the devastatingly good DRAIN, the Norths hometown heroes HIGHER POWER and more. 

Full lineup that is announce today is below (alphabetical order)

Knocked Loose – Headliner
All Out War / Broken Teeth / Drain / Fiddlehead / High Vis / Higher Power / Incendiary / Madball / Narrow Head / Renounced / Sanction / Vein.FM / Xibalba / Young Guv /Youth Of Today

Announce video below & spotify playlist here:

What started in 2011 at the Bromhall Centre in Sheffield for a few hundred people, before moving to Canal Mills in Leeds, has now grown into one of the most important independent festivals on the UK calendar for the hardcore and punk scene, holding host to fans from not just the UK but Brazil, China, Australia and more. They have held host for the likes of Turnstile, Cro-Mags, Code Orange, Gorilla Biscuits, Title Fight, Incendiary, Basement, Trapped Under Ice and many more but it is the community spirit around Outbreak Festival which makes it something special.  Every person that attends year on year has been responsible for building this festival into what it is today, just as much as the bands and those who put it on.

“Our aim was always to put something together to really show the diversity within the hardcore punk community. This is a festival for everyone, a place where people can feel welcomed, allowed to express themselves however they want, meet like minded people and above all have fun. This was our goal from the start and 10 years on we are still living by this.”(The organisers)

The new home in Manchester will not only mean a bigger capacity, but other exciting elements that are to be announced over the coming months. 


Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester, M17 1EH

25th / 26th / 27th June 2021

£90 – Weekend ticket (3 days)

Tickets available 9am 2nd September 2020 https://outbreak-fest.co.uk/

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