SKELETAL REMAINS Release Single & Video To “Dissectesy”

Check out Californian death metal force Skeletal Remains’ new single “Dissectesy” Follow THIS LINK to watch the video.

The band comments:

We are extremely happy to unveil the final single and new video from our upcoming album. “Dissectasy” is the gruesome tale of a crazed man, driven by his morbid desires to the point of self dissection. 

“Dissectasy” appears on the band’s fourth studio album “The Entombment Of Chaos”, which will be out September 11th. Order your copy HERE!

Previously, Skeletal Remains dropped the songs Illusive Divinity” and “Congregation Of Flesh

“Cosmic Chasm” (Intro)
“Illusive Divinity”
“Congregation Of Flesh”
Synthetic Impulse”
“Tombs Of Chaos”
“Enshrined In Agony” (Instrumental)
“Torturous Ways To Obliteration”
“Eternal Hatred”
“Unfurling The Casket”

“Stench Of Paradise Burning” (DISINCARNATE cover)

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