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Brutal Assault #25 Info

We have some new band announcement for the biggest Czech extreme metal Festival in fortress of Jaroměř. N.Y. hardcore fans can look forward to Sick of It All. Lines of thrashy saws will expand Vio-lence, a predecessor of legendary Machine Head and we shall see also Evergreen Terrace. Another thrash band i going to be D.R.I.

We are moving to a lighter death metal, presented by Avatar. Extreme and brutal version of death metal is going to be nailed in your heads by butchers from Extrermination, Dismemberment, Korpse, Pathology and also genre pioneers – Devourment. Slam it!

Modern music is going to be presented by djenty Aviana, metalcore of Sable Hils from Japan.

Unfortunatelly, EvilDead, Static-X, Tallah and Bell Witch, which I looked forward to very much, could not attend to the festival.


Brutal Assault 25 Bands update

Hey all, there is some new bands update for upcomming Brutal Assault (Aug 10-14th 2021) if things go well.

We can expect thrash metal legend predecessor of Machine Head. Jep, Phil Demmel with the VIO-LENCE. They should also have some new material during the festival. British ONSLAUGHT also introduce their newest stuf. Other announced band is going to be REVOCATION.

Little bit of death metal now. From mighty metal Finland there are going to be shows of INSOMNIUM or MORS PRINCIPIUM EST. USA will deliver us faster BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, RIVERS OF NIHIL or wacky NEKROGOBLIKON with their green imp. UNDERGANG is another legend for the event. Their old school, rotten death metal is the top notch classic. PHLEBOTOMIZED will represent combo of death and doom.

Melancholical side of doom metal will be represented by German AHAB. More experimental approach could be expected from French REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER. Britain will be represented by WINTERFYLLETH with their emotinal additives of black and folk melodies.

People who wanna have a little rest from serious stuff might be happy for RED FANG or JOHN GARCIA AND THE BAND OF GOLD.

Brutal Assault is open also for other experiments. DIE KRUPPS are the pioneers of industrial and electro rock. We will witness Norwegian MANES. Local scene cannot miss as well and now with the Czech EBM legend VANESSA.

Unfortunatelly, some bands are also cancelled. These are BIRDS IN ROW, KMFDM, KVERLERTAK, SVARTISDAUDI, VADER, WORMROT.

Brutal Assault will be five day event and consists of 150 interprets. there are confirmation of 2/3 bands right now.