Brutal Assault #25 Info

We have some new band announcement for the biggest Czech extreme metal Festival in fortress of Jaroměř. N.Y. hardcore fans can look forward to Sick of It All. Lines of thrashy saws will expand Vio-lence, a predecessor of legendary Machine Head and we shall see also Evergreen Terrace. Another thrash band i going to be D.R.I.

We are moving to a lighter death metal, presented by Avatar. Extreme and brutal version of death metal is going to be nailed in your heads by butchers from Extrermination, Dismemberment, Korpse, Pathology and also genre pioneers – Devourment. Slam it!

Modern music is going to be presented by djenty Aviana, metalcore of Sable Hils from Japan.

Unfortunatelly, EvilDead, Static-X, Tallah and Bell Witch, which I looked forward to very much, could not attend to the festival.


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