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Pre-listen of HORE “Siostry wiedzmy” DEBUT ALBUM

HORE is a relatively new music project created in 2018. The musicians, although experienced and from well-known bands, decided not to provide any personal details.

For the last three years, the musicians were slowly preparing their debut material. Now, it’s time to reveal that the record, lasting over 30 minutes, is an amalgamation of post-black metal, avant-garde jazz, and film music. Inspired by old folk tales and writings of SłowackiMickiewiczBroniewski, and Goethe, the album “Siostry Wiedźmy” (eng. “Sisters of the Witch“) is an original take on the subject.

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BATUSHKA unleash pre-listening of “Carju Niebiesnyj”

A week before official date of premiere, Batushka unleash full mini-album streaming.

Listen to the album stream below:

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HYBORIAN Streaming Entire New Album, “Hyborian: Volume I”, One Day Early!

Tomorrow marks the release of HYBORIAN‘s debut album, Hyborian: Volume I, via KC-based label The Company. After gracing heavy music fans with their singles “Maelstrom” and “Dead Lies Dreaming“, as well as the music video for “As Above, So Below“, the band is streaming their entire new album a day early!
Guitarist/frontman Martin Bush says: “We can’t wait to have this record out and into people’s hands. We put a lot of heart into this record so we’re stoked to see such positive reaction so far and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed creating it! Our tour kicks off today, so catch us on the road! Can’t wait to see you guys out there.”
HYBORIAN illustrate a perfect equilibrium of rich concept and catchy, heavy riffage with Hyborian: Volume I. The album is available for pre-order now via www.thecompanykc.com and iTunes with “Maelstrom” as an instant gratification track.
hyborean album
Volume I track listing:
1) As Above, So Below
2) Maelstrom
3) Blood for Blood
4) Dead Lies Dreaming
5) Ajna
6) Dross

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