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INTERVIEW – Minneriket: “No walls, no barriers, no images, no politics, just pure, undefiled emotions. Raw, honest and self-reflecting. That is Romantic Black Metal”

Interview by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

For the first time, the Norwegian music project Minneriket presents a full line-up of session musicians. Continuing the collaboration with Misstiq, Margarita Chernova and Norlene Olmedo introduced on the first new single, ‘Hjemlengsel’, which was released back in February 2021. The new single ‘Sorg og savn’, which was recently released on 25th June 2021, also features renowned musicians Māra Lisenko, Christina Rotondo, Elvann, Niklas Kveldulfsson, Ingrid.mariea and Maria Kosma. The latest single, Sorg og savn is the first glimpse of this new roster as vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Stein Akslen, the man behind Minneriket, expands his vision to bring forth a unique Romantic Black metal musical experience which is a sublime concoction of black metal, goth and classical music. We caught up with Stein to discuss this change in direction for him, the new singles and what the future holds, amongst other things. Find out all about it in this fascinating and insightful interview.

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Minneriket Release New Single ‘SORG OG SAVN’

Minneriket launched the new single Sorg og savn (Sorrow and yearning) on June 25th and this time with a full line-up of session musicians. Following the successful music video Hjemlengsel (by Valhallartworks) earlier this year, Sorg og savn continues to explore the edges of Black Metal, goth and classical music.

“This upcoming album will be my Stormblåst in terms of relevance” Akslen says. “The album has been a work in progress for years, and I never once backed down from the initial vision. To be able to bring forth a project of this size has been a dream come true, and this single is a taste of what’s to come”.

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Norwegian romantic Black Metal band MINNERIKET announces album details

The fourth full-length album from Minneriket “Anima Sola”, was created because we need to talk about the darkness. The previous two full-length Minneriket releases were lyrically thoughtful and introverted; “Anima Sola” instead speaks directly and frankly to the listener, offering an intimate look into the timeless melancholy that drives Minneriket. This album speaks of solitude and ineptitude, loss and yearning; humorless Black Metal with music and lyrics equally painful and raw. This album is a fist to the face, the sonic equivalent of an open wound.

unnamed (8).jpg

Pre-orders are now open.
The album is available at https://minneriket.bandcamp.com/album/anima-sola


The title and artwork are based on the catholic imagery of the lonely spirit burning in purgatory. The soul which is burning forever, but is never entirely consumed by the flames. It’s the war between spirits and matter, and fire as both a destructive force of nature and the kindle in your heart.
“Anima Sola” sees official release on January 2, 2018 and is available in CD and digital formats; tracklisting is as follows:
1. Tro, håp og kjærlighet
2. An all too human heart
3. When life gets sick the dead grow strong
4. I am the Serpent Son
5. Between infinity and melancholy
6. Det lyset jeg ikke kan se
7. Sorger er tyngst i solskinn
8. Alle hjerter banker ei
9. Smerte, skjønnhet og Satan
10. Time for Suicide
Artwork by Anna Marine
Mastering by Steve Nagasaki at Nagasaki Sound