Nummirock 2023 revealed its first acts, including Asking Alexandria & Aborted’s only gigs of the summer in Finland

Nummirock 2023, which will be celebrated next Midsummer, will load its first performers to the table, and what a spread it will be! If midsummer celebrations have been held at the same place in Kauhajoki’s Nummijärvi since the 1930s, it has never been seen before when Asking Alexandria (UK), Bloodywood (IN), Born of Osiris (US), Aborted (BE), Blood Red Throne (NO) and Misthyrming(IS) all play their only festival gigs of the summer in Finland.

In addition to Before the Dawn’s album release gig at Nummirock, Stam1na, Finntroll, Bloodred Hourglass, Ruoska, One Morning Left, Foreseen and Heavy Metal Perse will be taking part.

21.–24. Tero Viertola, the promoter of Nummirock, which will be held in June, is happy about the versatility of next summer’s Nummirock. Among the exclusive festival attractions, we will also see Blood Red Thorne’s concert, which was cancelled last summer because of flights, and one of the most exotic metal guests of summer 2023, Bloodywood from India.

“This is the first Indian band ever in Nummirock, and Bloodywood is also a so-called natural continuation for the performers of slightly more exotic metal countries; this year we had Alien Weaponry from New Zealand.”

Like the entire metal music industry, Tero Viertola hopes that young listeners will also find heavy music, and this year too, Nummirock is an age-restricted event. However, participation, especially in the evening events, is only recommended once you have completed middle school.

Nummirock 2023 will announce more performers next year, and promoter Tero Viertola plans to pack the festival, which has grown to four days, full of a versatile selection of the most famous stars in the metal world/

“The next summer’s coverage looks and feels more than interesting. This first little Christmas package is just a prelude to the coming summer,” Viertola mumbles.

Moor Rock 2023 21.–24.6.2023

Tickets for next year’s Nummirock are now on sale at Tiket and .
Tickets on sale are:
* 4-day festival ticket, includes car and tent space / price €159
* 4-day Premium ticket, includes car and tent space / price €189
More information about both ticket categories can be found on Nummirock’s website.

Nummirock is an age-restricted event with a recommended age of 16.

Nummirock’s published artists so far are:

Asking Alexandria
Born of Osiris
Blood Red Throne
Before the Dawn
One Morning Left
Heavy Metal Ass


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