Five Finger Death Punch’s new ‘AfterLife’ album is out now + watch the new ‘Times Like These’ video

Five Finger Death Punch, the American metal band that has collected more than eight billion streams, is releasing a new album today. The AfterLife record is the ninth in the band’s career, and the album is released through Better Noise Music. The album’s title song has reached number one on the Rock charts in the USA, breaking records, and the latest single Times Like These is also taking over a few playlists.

“AfterLife is my all-time favorite of Five Finger Death Punch’s records, and making the record has also been more fun now than ever. Whereas F8 was said to represent the band’s rebirth, this record could be said to represent a kind of transition. One of the traditional drums-guitar-bass- one of the biggest challenges for a vocal-rock band is to achieve a recognizable sound. Another big challenge is to constantly develop, but at the same time to preserve its own signature sound. So AfterLife is not just about developing, but even some kind of change in our way of thinking in our career, because the album is very different from our previous albums in sound, but completely from us. I’m very proud of this record and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it – our fans will be even more surprised,” says guitarist Zoltan Bathory.

Five Finger Death Punch, who recently performed at Sauna Open Air in Tampere and at Rock In The City in Oulu, today also releases a music video for the song Times Like These. The video filmed in 19 countries and 26 cities can be viewed here  or below:

Today, Five Finger Death Punch will start a US tour with Megadeth, The HU and Fire From The Gods to celebrate the album release – the full tour listing can be found on the band’s website .

AfterLife album track listing:

1. Welcome To The Circus
2. AfterLife
3. Times Like These
4. Roll Dem Bones
5. Pick Up Behind You
6. Judgment Day
7. IOU
8. Thanks For Asking
9. Blood And Tar
10. All I Know
11. Gold Gutter
12. The End


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