Blackfog Stream New EP in Full

Liski, Voronezh (RU) based black metal formation BLACKFOG have partnered with Black Metal Promotion for the premiere the pre-release full-album stream of their new EP ”One Touch is Enough”. 

The 3-track outing (clocking in at over 21 minutes in length) was released February 28th ,2021 (CD/Digital) via Ground Media Group. 

Physical copies for ”One Touch is Enough” is available for pre-ordering via Ground Media Group:

Check out now ”One Touch is Enough” in its entirety below:

”We are happy to announce that we have made an agreement with BLACKFOG for their forthcoming EP ”One Touch is Enough”. When Coyote contacted me and send me these tracks to listen, this 22 minutes EP hit the spot rightaway. It has everything, the melodies, the riffs, the growls, good production and the most important thing, it has the feeling! ” – Comments Ground Media Group

For fans of Saor, Mgla, Aegrus & Sargeist.

Country: Russia | Year: 2021 | Genre: Black Metal
Artist: Blackfog
Label: Ground Media Group
Catalog Number: GRMG009
Release Date: March 28th, 2021

Жестокий Вкус Познания (Cruel Taste Of Knowledge) 2:58 Instrumental
Обетованное Забвение (The Promised Oblivion) 8:02
River That Leads To Nowhere 10:22

Music & arrangements by Unlight, Lyrics by Coyote
Music was recorded in Likhoburial Studio, Moscow
Vocals on (The Promised Oblivion) was recorded in Stereolith Studio, Moscow.
Vocals River That Leads To Nowhere was recorded in Vargan Records, Voronezh.

All tracks were mastered in Deaf Enough Studio. (Saint – Petersburg, Russia).
Mixing &Mastering ngineer – Serg Ivanov.
All arts and logo made by Alvin Mangrim.


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