REVIEW: Ana Argan List – Self-titled EP by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Ana Argan List was formed early 2020 as a solo project by Edvin Johansson before known as a founder of the black metal band Orngòth. The upcoming self-titled four-track EP is due for release November 1st via Ground Media Group.

Opener ‘Algiz’ is a mysterious and atmospheric scene-setter which serves its purpose well and entices you to keep listening…

The second track, ‘Vandringen’ is ominous with bleak and brutal vocals and an eerie and haunting backdrop for the most part whilst offering a glimmer of hope. This is a consuming and well-rounded first full offering.

The title track continues the alluring foreboding ambience with raspy fierce dark vocals which is effective and crushing throughout.

The final song, the instrumental ‘Siarens Misstag’ is the most hopeful and blissful sounding. It is melodic as it is forceful, making a nice way to end whilst still maintaining its dark undertones.

This EP is delightfully melancholic, managing to convey a sense of sorrow with a hint of optimism to keep you grounded. All four tracks are well-crafted and executed, creating extravagant atmospheric offerings.

Ana Argan List self-titled EP is out 1st November 2020 via Ground Media Group.

Pre-orders are available here:

For more information on Ana Argan List:

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