MGI Artist Snovonne Awarded “FEMALE VISUAL ARTIST OF 2019” by the American Horrors Channel

unnamed (3)

The American Horrors Channel official announcement: “American Horrors is very proud to announce the first winner of the American Horrors Female Artist of The Year for 2019, international multi-media artist Snovonne from Modena, Italy. Snovonne is the living embodiment of a world class art vigilante smashing her way through modern art house conventions, using her talents in music, video, photography, editing and live performance to create a unique nightmare realm.

Snovonne had this to say, “I’m honestly very flattered and honored.. wasn’t expecting so much praise! And let’s face it – being called an ‘art vigilante’ amongst other things is super cool. Thank you American Horrors, Groovey TV & MGI for such amazing support!”

“When I sat down to watch the stack of videos Groovey sent over for his new TV series, I was absolutely blown away by what I was seeing.” said American Horrors owner, Hart D. Fisher. “Snovonne has serious chops. Her editing skills are top notch, her directing is spot on, her visuals abound with radical creativity and her performance brings the darkness just the way I like it. It makes sense for Snovonne to be in the winners circle.”

Snovonne’s music videos can be seen as part of the Groovey TV television series. The Groovey TV series can be seen every Friday night exclusively on American Horrors 24/7 linear streaming horror channel available free worldwide on Roku, Strictly Streaming and online at

Upcoming Snovonne Music Video Premiere dates on Groovey TV:

Friday January 24: Snovonne “Filth”
Friday February 7th: Snovonne “Bullshit”

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