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HEILUNG released album teaser

Heilung premiered teaser for their upcoming album Futha. The album will be released via Season of Mist on June 28.

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Tool just Unleashed a New track “Descending”!

Seems that the TOOL has decided to fund another year in studio..or something else with their fans and offer “AN IMMERSIVE DISSECTION WITH DANNY CAREY, JUSTIN CHANCELLOR AND ADAM JONES”

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GHOST – New single “RATS” teaser and Cover Art Leaked ?

Swedish occult-metal band Ghost are getting ready  to release their highly anticipated new  album. They recently revealed “Cardinal Copia”, their new frontman , and now a clip of a new song clip, “Rats,” has hit the internet all over after 100.5 KTED played a snippet.

Check out the teaser below,

New artwork..if that is? Pays homage to Sepultura’s debut album “Bestial Devastation”

See the similatiries?


Ghost rats.jpg


Lunatic Soul announces new album ‘Under the Fragmented Sky’

Lunatic Soul aka Mariusz Duda has announced the release of his sixth studio album, the companion to 2017’s Fractured and the pinnacle of the first decade of Lunatic Soul. Under the Fragmented Sky is set for release on 25th May via Kscope and you can watch a teaser trailer here.

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The Celestial Sun Posts Teaser “Genesis”

According to mysterious press release we have something to look forward what comes to Occult Rock and Metal scene.
“The earth is silent…for the creator rests in his horizon” declares The Celestial Sun on their official sites.
What we know about them? Not much!
Only that “The Celestial Sun” is a new theatrical occult rock act and that the sun worshipping occultists has entered the studio to begin recording the yet untitled full-lenght  debut album and the band has now posted a new mystical video trailer online called “Genesis”, which can be viewed below.

Video refers to bible (genesis 3:19) which gives us some idea what’s coming out there. (maybe? )
The Celestial Sun logo has created by the legend itself! Lord of the logos Christophe Szpajdel!
More info will follow soon. In the meantime, check out the mysterious teaser “Genesis”  and
also check out more information about these occultists at

NevBorn released a stunning teaser for their upcoming EP Daidalos

NevBorn released a stunning teaser for their upcoming EP Daidalos which will be out on Sep. 29th via Cold Smoke Records and Czar Of Bullets.

Releasing their debut album in 2015 on Hummus Records after a few demos, NevBorn is a band from West Switzerland that has never stopped to evolve, change, and expand. Now composed of five different but determined minds, their music is inspired of numerous types, such as no one has never succeeded in defining them in one and only one word. Many tried though: “NevBorn’s music is a heavy/ambient amalgam … with neatly layered instrumentations that evoke all kinds of sonically emotive provocations…” (Metal Discovery, 2015), “…Five Horizons (debut album title) with its bright and abrasive melodies that combines post sounds (hardcore, metal and rock) in an optimal way” (The Pit of the Damned, 2015), “NevBorn might have started a musical trend without realizing it” (Core and Co, 2015).

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