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Bullet For My Valentine Captured In New Book

‘The Poison to Venom’ is a 200-page photographic book by photographer James Sharrock on his time documenting Bullet For My Valentine from 2005-2015. James is raising funds through Crowdfunder to do a limited print run of 1000 editions of the book. This is the only place you’ll be able to grab the book in this format, making it a true collectors edition.

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Cecilia’s World – a novel about alternative music

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Because of her father’s job in a major bank, Cecilia and her family have been moving many times. Now, a few months before her seventeenth birthday, she once again finds herself in a completely new environment, an apartment on the eleventh floor, overlooking the big city.
On her first day in her new school she meets her music theory teacher Johan. He and her other new friends gradually initiate the girl into the widespread world of alternative music. But as times are troubled and political games are being played, Cecilia learns more than she had ever before.
‘Cecilia’s World’ is a novel about alternative music, with many bands and styles being mentioned. It explains an important part of music history, even with the use of a certain piece of vegetable. However, the novel is also about the world we live in, about fear and – perhaps most important – about love.

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