Cecilia’s World – a novel about alternative music

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Because of her father’s job in a major bank, Cecilia and her family have been moving many times. Now, a few months before her seventeenth birthday, she once again finds herself in a completely new environment, an apartment on the eleventh floor, overlooking the big city.
On her first day in her new school she meets her music theory teacher Johan. He and her other new friends gradually initiate the girl into the widespread world of alternative music. But as times are troubled and political games are being played, Cecilia learns more than she had ever before.
‘Cecilia’s World’ is a novel about alternative music, with many bands and styles being mentioned. It explains an important part of music history, even with the use of a certain piece of vegetable. However, the novel is also about the world we live in, about fear and – perhaps most important – about love.

Title: Cecilia’s World
Sub: A novel about alternative music
Format: Book, PDF
Genre: Fiction + music history
Language: English
Pages: 355

Digital press copies available on request.
Pre-order / crowdfunding campaign:
Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cecilia-s-world-music-book/x/17165610#/
Bandcamp: https://merchantsofair.bandcamp.com/merch
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMK72oBJL5I
Merchants Of Air release page: http://www.merchantsofair.com/cecilias-world.html
Preview (first two chapters): http://www.merchantsofair.com/preview
Author: Serge Timmers

Reactions from test readers and bands:

“This is a witty page-turner with lifelike characters who crawl under your skin.”(Eline –
Merchants Of Air – BE)

“It’s an honour for Telepathy to be featured in Serge Timmers latest novel and we have great
memories of the concert that this scene is based on. “ (Telepathy – EN)

“When we started the band, it never crossed our minds that someone was going to mention
us in a book. But now it happened and it is super cool!” (Dead Neanderthals – NL)

“A fascinating and empathetic insight into the life-changing effect that the discovery of music
has on a young girl, and how her perspective of the world is forever altered.” (Roxanne – AUS)

“Writing down the emotions we have about music, that’s magic. Serge Timmers is a
magician.” (Stratosphere – BE)

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