ESTER SEGARRA unleashes her brand new photo-book ‘Ars Umbra’

ESTER SEGARRA unleashes her brand new photo-book ‘Ars Umbra’

Alongside with the book release, ESTER SEGARRA has unveiled a brand new video which gives insight into how she utilises unique locations and brings her subjects to life. ESTER SEGARRA‘s enthusiasm for her work is infectious; join her on this journey to Ars Umbra’s final form.

ESTER SEGARRA also made the special Spotify play-list ‘Essential tracks to ‘Ars Umbra’, that include her favorite tracks that inspired her on so many levels. Listen to the playlist here!

ou may not be aware, but you already know the art of ESTER SEGARRA. For over a decade, the Barcelona-born photographer has re-imagined the visual aspect of heavy metal for GHOST, WATAIN, ELECTRIC WIZARD, CATHEDRAL, MAYHEM, KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST, AT THE GATES, CARCASS, DARKTHRONE, ROTTING CHRIST, VENOM, ABBATH, and others.

Through her lens, ESTER SEGARRA has lifted the veil on some of extreme music’s most notorious players and in turn become one of the most prolific and significant contemporary music photographers.

ESTER SEGARRA started to work for the influential UK underground print outlet for extreme music, Terrorizer Magazine in the year 2001 and following from there, she had her pictures published in Metal Hammer, Decibel, Rock Hard, Iron Fist, Deaforever, This Is Metal, Close-Up among many other magazines. Ester has also accepted commissions from metal labels such as Season of Mist, Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Candlelight, Rise Above, Spinefarm, and Peaceville.

The works of ESTER SEGARRA have been exhibited for example at taste-making festivals such as Roadburn in the Netherlands, and Beyond the Gates, Norway.

The anthology, ‘Ars Umbra’ celebrates 15 years of ESTER SEGARRA‘s music photography. Pictures and music are presented in the form of a photo-book including notes and quotes from the bands she has worked alongside for so many years. ‘Ars Umbra’ is presented with an original soundtrack, which is specially commissioned from percussionist extraordinaire, Uno Bruniusson (ex-IN SOLITUDE, DEATH ALLEY, PROCESSION). The music provides a rhythm, a mind-space that alters the experience of the book.

The time has come to fuel the flames and unleash ‘Ars Umbra’!

Music: Uno Bruniusson

Cover art: Ester Segarra

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