KORPIKLAANI release new single ‘Krystallomantia’ alongside lyric video

Finnish folk metallers KORPIKLAANI have released a new single called ‘Krystallomantia‘, which sees the band couple their trademark sound with their most politically influenced lyrics to date. The melancholic, yet upbeat anti-war song was written about Ukraine and the ongoing Russian invasion currently taking place. In addition, KORPIKLAANI played a charity show for Ukrainian troops, families and innocent victims at Faine Miste Festival in Poland on August 26th 2022.

Listen to to Krystallomantiahttps://korpiklaani.bfan.link/krystallomantia
Watch the ‘Krystallomantia’ lyric video:https://youtu.be/ZAcLRFC_204

Front man Jonne Järvelä comments:
I had been working on this song for a while, but when Russia invaded Ukraine, it came naturally writing these lyrics and finishing the song.

We were planning to release it later this year, however when Faine Misto asked us to perform at their festival in Poland as a charity event, it seemed the perfect time to release it. The cover artwork, again done by Jan Yrlund, shows the impact and deep sadness we all feel. Peace & Love – Jonne



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