The Designs Release New Video ‘More Than This’

New electro-metal duo formed by Billy T Cooper and Snovonne Drake release their second video. It was directed by Snovonne ‘Sno’ Drake herself (Sno Drake Design & Media).

The video is a combination of scenes filmed in their home studio, where Sno films most of her projects, and in the woods of La Mirandola, Italy. It’s locally known as the Ghost Village, for its ruins and abandoned structures.

Appearing in the video is a special guest – Domenico Martucci, an amazing occult androgynous performer. He is responsible for taking the Italian drag queen movement to a whole other, dark, level. He was also the hair and makeup artist for the project.

Check out the beautifully dark and creative video below:

“More Than This” is alluring, gloomy and melodic and the video and song are both highly compelling.

The song was produced by Eddy Cavazza (Paramore, Logan Mader (Machine Head), Anthony Phillips (Genesis), John Wetton (King Crimson).

Billy: “It’s an introspective song about trying to identify and control your emotions which are clearly destroying you. Between the anxieties, passions and contradictions, it’s a hard fight. You’re trying to get a grip, because you’re more than this…”

Sno: “I was after a dynamic sequence of seemingly random nightmarish visuals… wanted to underline the desire for control with elements of the occult and surreal nature. I also wanted to make sure all natural elements are present – fire, water, earth and air. When we explored
(basically by accident) the Ghost Village back in summer, it was clear that this is the video we need to film there.”

The video’s world premiere was hosted on March 11, by the legendary channel American Horrors, owned and founded by Hart D. Fisher. A network which has also awarded Snovonne the “Best Female Visual Artist 2019”.

The Designs are currently finalizing the full length album with producer Eddy Cavazza. The first single and video “Begin” was released last summer.

The Designs – “Begin“

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