INSOMNIUM to perform special HEART LIKE A GRAVE live stream show

Finland’s spearhead of melodic death metal, INSOMNIUM, will perform a special worldwide live stream on Saturday Oct 10th, show time 19:00 CET. During ”An Evening with Insomnium – Live from SF Sound Studio” the band will perform their latest album Heart Like a Grave entirely, followed by a special acoustic set and a chat session with the fans.

The VIP ticket for the evening also gives access to a pre-show gathering, starting already 18:00 CET, where the band gives a sneak peak to some new song ideas and riffs. Fans can join in the fun and send their comments.

This live stream event will be hosted by the experts of, the production team which which also successfully provided the Winter’s Gate live stream earlier this year.

Standard tickets for the live stream are available for 8,90 EUR. The VIP ticket which also includes the pre-show sneak peak session is 12,90 EUR. After the event, the stream will be available for watching for 7 days. We suggest buying the ticket in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

Ticket can be bought here:

Local times to the concert start: 03:00 Melbourne, 02:00 Tokyo, 20:00 Finland, 19:00 Berlin, 18:00 London, New York 1PM, Chicago NOON, Los Angeles 10AM.

The sneak peak session of new songs begins already one hour earlier: 02:00 Melbourne, 01:00 Tokyo, 19:00 Finland, 18:00 Berlin, 17:00 London, New York NOON, Chicago 11AM, Los Angeles 9AM. 

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