VIDEO PREMIERE: OneFromTheNorth ‘God Gave Us A Man’


Finnish based artist OneFromTheNorth release new single and a music video for ‘God Gave US A Man’.

Electronic rock herald OneFromTheNorth (O.F.T.N.) release new single “God Gave Us A Man” today (November 8th). The video is premiered through our site today on Dark Art Conspiracy but the official launch for the video is on Saturday, 9 November 2019 everywhere else. So enjoy this pre-release!

The song “God Gave Us A Man” is the first own song release by O.F.T.N. since the debut album release in 2018. Mckeenan says, that “the song is rapid, just like life and people today in general. This song is special because of different mixed genres without losing the O.F.T.N. touch. The lyrics are handling the nowadays human activity, where we buy the conscience, tap ourselves to back how good we are, and spend it right away to other things.”

OneFromTheNorth is a Finnish based artist who combines electronic and rock music with drum machines, acoustic guitars, haunting atmosphere, and heavy riffs. The sound of O.F.T.N. is a mix of different kinds of musical influencers like Depeche Mode, In Flames, and Nine Inch Nails. Melancholic melodies and dark lyrics are the cornerstones of OneFromTheNorth, and the central point is the music itself.

Check out the video:
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