Finnish alternative metal act Hollow Thoughts release new single & music video for ‘Path’

unnamed (2).png

Hollow Thoughts is an alternative-metal band emerging from Kuopio, Finland. The band has already gained attention from heavy music medias with earlier singles released via Inverse Records: Half Deceased (2018) and Scarred Generations (2019) and now, the third single Path turns the course towards even more melodic and hook-filled direction.

Check out the music video for ‘Path’ below:

Listen to the single:

The band comments on the new single:

Our third single Path is an exiting and new thing for us because it’s the first song that we shot a music video for. Themes of the song are pretty deep and dark which is typical for us but there’s also a certain sense of hopefulness as well. The song is in a sense a story about seeking the right way and letting go of the things that keep us from finding it. Video on the other hand underlines the less obvious gloomy undertone that is inevitably present when seeking a new course for life. In the end anxiety gets the better of the main character so there are no happy endings in this story.


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