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Brutal Assault FESTIVAL RELEASES full sets VIA NEW Vimeo channel

Brutal Assault were thrilled with everyone’s huge interest in the short live videos from Brutal Assault published on their YouTube channel, which now has more than 53 thousand subscribers!

Fans have been asking for full concert sets for quite a while and BA have been looking for a way to deliver. Editing full shows is much more time and money consuming, but in the end they came up with an idea how to get you what you want! Let us introduce their new Vimeo channel: vimeo.com/brutalassault!

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INTERVIEW: NAMTAR (ex-Carach Angren Drummer)


Interview by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Ivo “Namtar” Wijers is best known as the former drummer in symphonic black metal/horror Metal act Carach Angren from the Netherlands. Namtar was with the band since their formation in back in 2003 but after releasing a statement back in February 2020 this year has since left the band due to issues with the metal music industry.

See Namtar’s original statement about his departure here:

We wanted to find out more about his decision to part ways with the band following this as well as what lies ahead for the future (however uncertain things may be during the pandemic)…

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Fabulae Dramatis Release New Video For ‘Sati’ (Fire II)

unnamed (14).png

The new FABULAE DRAMATIS ‘s video ‘Sati’ (Fire II) taken from their album “Solar Time’s Fables” is out now. Watch the video below:

About the song:
“Sati is a Hindu goddess, first wife of Shiva, deity who destroys evil and transforms the material world.  This song narrates the story of Sati’s self-immolation as an act of honor and as an extreme response of her father’s humiliation toward her husband.
The story represents the fire on this music album, according to Fabulae Dramatis’concept: the relationship between humanity and natural elements throughout time.”

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